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226 "Hanging over the edge of Coysitoum (3,500 ft below). Don't be alarmed for I didn't fall and besides I'm standing on a ledge of rock which doesn't show in the picture. The cliffs drop away about 1000 feetr then steep slopes right to the city."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_03_14
227 "Another view on Table Mountain on top of the cliffs overlooking the city 3500 feet below. The little square running out into the water are the shipping docks. There are several ocean steamers in. The ridge line here falls away perpendicular for hundreds of feet."; Dec. 31, 1925P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_03_15
228 Missionaries in South AfricaP0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_03_16
229 "Van Pirende, Clayton myself and Saundris on Table Mountain overlooking Lion's Head and the sea, the peak when seen from certain angles resembles a lion's head, the mountain to the back is curved like his backbone and rump."; Dec 31, 1925P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_03_17
230 "All ant. side walls up. Saturday November 1, 1924."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_01
231 View of the partially constructed chapel, picture taken from the tower.P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_02
232 "Foundation completed. Monday October 1924. From the tower across the street."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_03
233 "Dinner on the job. Mrs. Harding, a friend supplied the eats. Wednesday October 22, 1924."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_04
234 "The second day on the building. You can get a good idea of the house plan from this. Wednesday October 15, 1924."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_05
235 "Monday October 20, 1924 building the fireplace."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_06
236 "Thursday October 16, 1924. Building arch for fireplace." identified figures: Elder BallardP0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_07
237 "The corner stone set in here, the two brick masons Mr. Gauwers and Mr. Swanepol, President Sessions and Elder Ballard."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_08
238 Miles P. Romney and another elder building a chapel in South Africa.P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_09
239 Miles P. Romney and another elder building a chapel in South Africa.P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_10
240 "Elder Engstrom, Romney, Brother Waymouth, and Elder Ballard. Saturday November 15, 1924."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_11
241 "Single door opens from living room and double doors open into church. You can see how it is arranged by looking on the plans. These steel windows are surely fine. Here where lumber is so dear they cost about the same with the saving on casing. They are as you can see set into the center wall."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_12
242 These are the cabinets in the bedroom. The other bedroom has the same except the linen closet on the side. I made the whole thing with the exception of the doors. So don't say we have rotten carpenters in South Africa, they didn't do it. I didn't find it hard except the drawers and I spoiled one. You can hook a team of horses to them."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_13
243 "Picture of inside of hall at Joburg taken by Elder Clayton. Shows the doors on the left leads to the house part."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_14
244 "Inside the hall facing the stand. Benches of Douglas Fir. Pulpit of teak. India imported"P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_15
245 "Fireplace and buffet in living room. Bottom part two inside panel doors, outside panels stationary, drawers overhead. It hadn't been painted when this picture was taken. The top I sketched differently but they did it this way. They should have put the doors on the outside with a center panel for a mirror, but we can't [change it] now."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_16
246 "Building when almost finished steps being put in. Taken by Brother A.G. Brummer. January 1925."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_17
247 "The front elevation, will send you a better picture later. February 1925."P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n02_04_18
248 Aunt Minnie and father at the old family home.P0793 Miles Pratt Romney Photograph Collectionp0793n1_13_14
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