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226 Evaluation of osteopenia in children with cystic fibrosis1997-12Text
227 Bereavement and the elderly: anticipatory grief1989-03Text
228 Describing the experience of mammography1996-03Text
229 Physiological variability during ground transport of newborns1993-12Text
230 Current opinions toward the utilization of nurse-midwifery in the State of Utah1972-06Text
231 Cultural factors in the utilization of the Denver Developmental Screening Test in a Navajo population1980-06Text
232 Depression levels, life satisfaction levels, and some psychosocial characteristics among aged persons in an institution for the chronically Ill1975-06Text
233 An exploratory study of information obtained by observation in the home of selected psychiatric patients1960-08Text
234 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool children of low socioeconmic class1972-06Text
235 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool children1971-06Text
236 Family cohesion and adaptability in treatment and nontreatment groups1981-03Text
237 Factors that influenced repeated emergency service visits by children1975-12Text
238 Rewarming following hypothermic cardiovascular surgery:comparison of the use of rewarming mattresses versus prewarmed blankets1979-06Text
239 Feasibility study of the usefulness of the outcome questionnaire-45.1 for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia1998-06Text
240 Father's first infant contact1978-08Text
241 Self-esteem enhancement in Lamaze-prepared mothers1986-06Text
242 Selected personality factors affecting parents' choice of behavior during their child's hospitalization1975-12Text
243 Second specimen testing in diabetes mellitus1969-06Text
244 Fluctuations in maturational behaviors of neonates1974-06Text
245 Attributional style as a predictor of bereavement outcomes1986-03Text
246 Understanding language barriers: nurses' and patients' perspectives2004-08Text
247 Certified nurse-midwives' attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about the use of Universal Precautions1993-06Text
248 Barriers to communication between nurses and patients as perceived by nurses1965-06Text
249 Concerns of primiparous mothers at two months postpartum1988-06Text
250 Effects of length of hospitalization in a state hospital on concept of self and others1970-06Text
226 - 250 of 601