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226 Bed of Little Colorado, Black Falls, June 1909 (photo G-92)1909Image
227 Bed of Little Colorado, Leupp, Ariz. (negative for photo G-90)1909Image
228 Bed of Little Colorado, Leupp, Arizona (negative for photo G-89)1909Image
229 Bed of Little Colorado, Leupp, Arizona, June 1909 (photo G-89)1909Image
230 Bed of Little Colorado, Leupp, Arizona, May 1909 (photo G-90)1909Image
231 Bed of little Creek, sunk 10 feet to 40 feet into alluvium since 1890, Kane County, UT, 19391939Image
232 Bed of Paria River, former location of the Village of Paria. Kane County, UT. June 19181918Image
233 Bed of Upper Wahweap. Kane County, UT. June 19181918Image
234 Bedded ash and mud shales near Twin buttes. Barrows, photo 1911 (Photo G253)1911Image
235 Bedded ash, 2± mi. south of Cedar Springs. VI, 73 (2) (Photo G232)1911Image
236 Bedded clays and lime silts. Pleistocene(?) lacustrine deposits overlain by basalt, Castro Canyon. Garfield County, UT, 19401940Image
237 Bedding in alluvium of Chinli Wash north of Moses Rock, 19141914Image
238 Beds lying with unconformity immediately on top of massive Bluff sandstone near mouth of Recapture Creek, San Juan County, Utah, 1929.1929Image
239 Beds of 'Marine Jurassic' limestone overlying Navajo Sandstone on upper Kanab Creek at the point where Dr. Gregory measured a section of the 'Marine Jurassic' in 1922.1922Image
240 Beecher, Seymour on Copper Mine Trail, Giant Mescals1900Image
241 Bekishibito: dunes blocking canyon, 19141914Image
242 Bekishibito: lake formed by drifting sand, 19141914Image
243 Bench along Colorado River formed by soft beds at the horizon of the 'Marine Jurassic'. The view was taken looking up Colorado River from a point about 2 miles west of Kane Creek. Cliffs in background are Sentinel(?) formation and McElmo1922Image
244 Bench extending from Kaiparowits Plateau near Fifty Mile Point. Kane County, UT. June 19181918Image
245 Bennett Peak, NM, looking northwest. Shaler, photo1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1896; 1897; 1898; 1899; 1900; 1901; 1902; 1903; 1904; 1905Image
246 Betatakin cliff ruins, west branch of Sagy canon, Ariz., (Townsend photo, 1909)1909Image
247 Betatakin Ruin, Sagy Canyon (Townsend photo)1910Image
248 Between Gunsight Pass and Kane Creek1922Image
249 Between Notom and Bowns Ranch. Gypsum dike in McElmo sandstone. Wayne County, UT. June 19181918Image
250 Beveled erosion surface above alluvium flat into which is cut Deer Range wash. Kane County, Utah, 1934.1934Image
226 - 250 of 3,451