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1 Interview with Students during a Global Pandemic2020-11-10Text; Imagewc_cdc
2 Strategies and Measures for Our Next Century Transcript1998-05-25ehsl_hhs
3 Introduction of Wayne J. Peay, 1998 Janet Doe Lecturer, Medical Library Association Annual Conference1998-05-25ehsl_hhs
4 Carotenoid pigments and pesticide resistance: genomic perspecitves fro a small but prolific mite herbivore2018Textir_etd
5 Self-Assembly of mesophases and their role in the nucleation and polymorph selection of model zeolites2019Textir_etd
6 The synthesis and biological analysis of aromatic C-Ring bryostatiin analogues and fluorescently labeled phorbol esters2018Textir_etd
7 Seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete bridge wall piers2019Textir_etd
8 Korean transnational family language planning efforts and youth identities: language ideologies and the maintenance of Korean in the United States2018Textir_etd
9 Development of fluorescent and luminescent probes to investigate biointerfaces in breast cancer2019Textir_etd
10 Sustained connectivity: A new method that explores the temporal domain of functional connectivity and its implications for Autism research2018Textir_etd
11 The cosmic Ray spectrum above 0.1 EEV measured by the telescope array and tale fluorescence telescopes2018Textir_etd
12 A Framework for creative visualization-oppourtunities workshops2019Textir_etd
13 Use of a visual self-rating scale for self-regulation in young children with Autism spectrum disorders2019Textir_etd
14 Human distortions in the digital economy: three pieces of evidence2018Textir_etd
15 Fast and reliable motion model for articulated wheeled mobile robots on extremely rough and rocky terrains2018Textir_etd
16 Policy Proposal: Changing Benefits from Individual Units to the University of Utah Hospital Organization2021Textehsl_ebp
17 Standardizing Birth Plans2021Textehsl_ebp
18 Implementing the IDEAL Discharge Checklist: Implications for Transitions from Hospital to Home2021Textehsl_ebp
19 The Role of a Discharge Nurse in Expediting the Discharge Process2021Textehsl_ebp
20 Smoke Evacuation Promotes Nurse Health in the Operating Room2021Textehsl_ebp
21 Implementing a Hazard Pay for ICU Nurses During COVID-19 to Reduce High Turnover Rates2021Textehsl_ebp
22 Integration of Palliative Care Education Into Clinical Practice2021Textehsl_ebp
23 Interprofessional Rounding and Patient Experience Outcomes2021Textehsl_ebp
24 Lactation Consultant's Effects on Maternal Mental Health2021Textehsl_ebp
25 Effecting Readmission of Adolescent Mental Health Patients2021Textehsl_ebp
1 - 25 of 661,772