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1 The IFC literature review1983uu_afrcText
2 Demonstration of Hydrogen Use in Steam-and Air-Assisted Flares2009uu_afrcText
3 Magnitude-Based Inference is Not Bayesian and is Not a Valid Method of Inferenceuu_afrcText
4 Sherlock imaging spectrometer for flare gas imaging and analysis2009-05-21uu_afrcText
5 2011 AFRC combustion symposium attendees2011-09-20uu_afrcText
6 Flare liquid seal drum surging: prediction, prevention and proof2004uu_afrcText
7 Flaring of gas mixtures containing H2S2008uu_afrcText
8 Scaling of flare flame emissions2010uu_afrcText
9 Mid-80's USEPA study of the efficiency of industrial flares- the real story from the Principal Investigator AFRC/JERC Pacific Rim Combustion Symposium2010-09uu_afrcText
10 AFRC 2009 international flare consortium update2009uu_afrcText
11 Conference Agenda - 1980 International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980uu_afrcText
12 AFRC 2008 international flare consortium update2008uu_afrcText
13 Application of ISIS computer code to gas flares under varying wind conditions2006uu_afrcText
14 CFD analysis of liquid seal design2011uu_afrcText
15 Purge rates: husa compared to CFD2006uu_afrcText
16 Leveraging the Uintah Computational Framework for Commercial Simulation of Industrial Flares2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
17 Identifying Sources of Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
18 Measurement and Prediction of Ash Deposition Rates for Air- and Oxy-Combustion of a Wide Range of Solid Fuels2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
19 Emission Characteristic Map and Optimization of NOx in 100 MW Staged Combustion Once-Through-Steam-Generator (OTSG)2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
20 Innovations in Flare Stack Design for Low Calorific Value Waste Gases2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
21 Large Eddy Simulation/Computing Needs2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
22 Flare Control under the Refinery Sector Rule2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
23 Influence of Additives on Particular Matter from Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion in a Swirling Flame2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
24 Flare Regulatory Update2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
25 Detailed Soot Modeling in Turbulent Kerosene/air Diffusion Flame: Sensitivity Analysis of Models Using Moment of Methods2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
1 - 25 of 1,006