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1 Young, Robert AllenEconomic Resilience of Property Values in Historic Districts2018
2 Yang, Chieh-HsiangDisease Modeling for Endometrial Malignancy to Facilitate the Development of Genomic-Guided Treatment2018
3 Zhang, HuanThe Effect of Ultrafine-grain Size and Titanium Hydride Addition on Mechanical Properties of Tungsten2018
4 Umpierre, Anthony DavidMGLUR5 Re-emergence on the Reactive Astrocyte: Structural and Functional Consequences in an Animal Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy2018
5 Wistort, Zackery P.Silicified Trace Fossils and Ichnofabrics in Permian Units of Northwestern Utah: Morphology and Microfacies2018
6 Trettin, Kyle DanielThe Role of Loquacious-PD in Small RNA Biogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster2018
7 Taylor, Raili MelissaFatigue Damage of the Cement Sheath in Oil and Gas Wells2018
8 Rahman, AowabinApplications of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reduced-Order Models in Building Energy Simulation2018
9 Rangel, Alexandra EusebiaExpanding SELEX Technology to Engineer Functional Nucleic Acids Optimized for the Development of Small-molecule Biosensors2018
10 Shrimali, KaustubhSurface Chemistry Considerations in the Reverse Flotation of Iron Ore2018
11 Smalling, RanaRoles of Small Heterodimer Partner and Retinol Binding Protein Receptor 4 Receptor Stimulated by Retinoic Acid 6-Like in Hepatic Glucose and Lipid Metabolism2018
12 Slotboom, GiselleThe Influence of Place Attachment on Proenvironmental Behavior among Winter Recreationist in Lift-Served Wasatch Winter Recreation Areas2018
13 Nimens, Wendy JeaneMetal Oxide Interactions in Photonic and Photovoltaic Devices2018
14 Fflieger, Lance TylerUncertainty Quantification in The Biomedical Field2018
15 Miller, Anna K.Mathematical Modeling of Epithelial Cell Division: Evaluating the Effects of Human Papillomavirus Infection2018
16 Park, KeunhyunMeasuring Dynamics of Public Space Use Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles2018
17 Love, David MichaelPredicting Tree Gas Exchange and Mortality Risk of Forests During Drought2018
18 Lucente, Helena ElizabethMyeloid Translocation Gene 16 as a Determinant of Notch-driven Leukemic Phenotype2018
19 Linville, Lisa MaeData-Driven Methods in Earthquake Monitoring, Detection, and Catalog Building2018
20 Linakis, Matthew WiliiamNeonatal Drug Delivery and Disposition: Towards Improving Care for the Youngest Patients2018
21 Khan, Mohammad AhsanuzzamanIdentification and Characterization of Large, and Very Large Scale Motions in Numerically Simulated Atmospheric Boundary Layers2018
22 Fernandes, ClintonVariable Compliant Under-Actuated Leg for Quadruped RobotsLegs are found to be a better mode of locomotion than wheels when it comes to mobile robots traversing on rough terrains. However, maintaining the stability of a legged robot while it moves is a big factor in the development and use of these machines. Studies conducted on legged robots show that the...Robotics2018
23 Hassas, Behzad VaziriFundamental Surface Chemistry Aspects of Auriferous Pyrite Flotation with Carbon Dioxide and NitrogenIn Carlin type ores, submicron gold particles are disseminated throughout sulfide host minerals, i.e., pyrite. In order to recover and further process the refractory gold, the host mineral should be separated from gangue minerals. Due to the natural hydrophobicity of sulfide minerals, flotation sepa...Mining2018
24 Hodgson, Kyler KalilMeasures of Brain Microstructure Estimated from Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Associated with Motor Function Recovery after StrokeImproved understanding of radiological signal changes and their relation to patient outcomes after ischemic motor stroke is needed to improve prognosis and recommend therapy. The corticospinal tract, in particular the region known as the posterior limb of the internal capsule (PLIC), is central to m...Biomedical engineering; Medical imaging2018
25 De, ShrutokirtiHOXB8 Microglia: Origin, Development and FunctionsMicroglia are the immune system of the brain. They are critical players in the proper functioning of the neural tissues and therefore, essential for normal animal behavior. Immunological dysfunction has been heavily implicated in majority of the neurological disorders, either as a direct cause or as...Neurosciences; Immunology; Genetics2018
1 - 25 of 6,875