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1 Snow, Reuben JosephThe American party in Utah : a study of political party struggles during the early years of statehood1964
2 Showalter, Catherine E.Orthographic Input Familiarity and Congruence Effects on Phono-Lexical Acquisition of Russian by Native Speakers of EnglishAdult second language (L2) learners often experience difficulty with novel L2 phonological contrasts, limiting their ability to establish contrastive lexical representations of L2 words. It has been demonstrated that the availability of orthographic input (OI), and variables interacting with OI, can...Linguistics2018
3 Fazzi, Vincent PeterA Comparison of Public Education in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during American RuleThe purpose of this thesis is to provide a comparative study of American public education strategies in two of its colonial possessions at the beginning of the 20th century. The United States defeated the Spanish in 1899 and took over the Philippines and Puerto Rico, both of which shared a long hist...History; World history; Education history; Spanish-American War2018
4 Lehnardt, Anna Samantha"I Shall Never Be Cited as a Bad Example": Religious Idealization and Humanity in Crusader Figures in the Chanson de Roland and RolandsliedThis text comparatively examines the tensions at play in the figural representations of Roland and Charlemagne/Karl in the Chanson de Roland and the Rolandslied, moving away from nationalist critiques of both works. It is primarily concerned with the juxtaposition between the idealized representatio...Comparative literature; French literature; German literature2018
5 Roberts, Richard CampbellHistory of the Utah National Guard : 1894-1954This "History of the Utah National Guard: 1894-1954 If is a case study of National Guard development. It traces to some extent the national trends of the National Guard as well as the local development in Utah. In many respects the history of the Utah National Guard has been local and peculiar and w...Utah National Guard; History1973
6 Swaner, Paula M.The image of the garden in shakespcanc's playsThe i mage of the garden prevaiIs throughout Shakespeare's plays.. He utilizes pervasive garden imagery in metaphor and simiIe to develop theme s plot and character, and employs larger garden images, intermittent garden scenes, to function in certain ways which are characteristic of him"1972
7 Roberts, Richard CampbellHistory of the Utah National Guard : 1894-1954Most of the Utah Guardsmen who had been called to active duty on March 3, 1941, had served with the units assigned to the 40th Division, but another part of them--and no less important--served in units which were assigned to different armies and to different campaigns. These units included the 145th...1973
8 Overholt, Stacey MarieThe War of Words in the War on Cancer: Contemporary Discursive Contestations Around Breast, Bladder, and Skin CancersDespite decades of awareness and research, cancer continues to grow as a threat to public health. This prevalence indicates the continued importance of attending to how cancer is covered and constructed in public health campaigns ("official" discourses) and mainstream news coverage ("common" discour...Communication; Public health; Oncology2017
9 Topping, Gary RexZane Grey's West : essays in intellectual history and criticismThis is a series of essays on various aspects of Zane Grey's novels. Their goals are to evaluate Grey both as a writer and as a thinker and to place his books in the context of broader intellectual and literary movements. A brief introductory chapter reviews the recent interpretive literature on Gre...Grey, Zane, 1872-19391977
10 Wood, Joseph SnowThe Mormon settlement in San Bernardino, 1851-1857Writing a paper of this length has been a new experience that has been both frightening and invigorating.Mormons; California Mormons; Colonization; California1968
11 Bourne, John MichaelEarly mining in southwestern Utah and southeastern Nevada, 1864-1873 : the Meadow Valley, Pahranagat, and Pioche mining rushes.For the people of Utah, the changes wrought by the influx of miners and prospectors as a result of the discovery of gold in California were viewed as both good and bad. The Mormons welcomed the chance to sell supplies for needed cash, but resented attempts by people they viewed as outsiders to explo...Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- History Mines and mineral resources -- Nevada -- History Utah -- History -- 19th century1973
12 Gillmor, Carroll M.Recent historiography of English feudalismFeudalism; Historiography; Feudalism; Great Britain1965
13 Garrett, Anna LeeThe University of Utah Press, 1949-1976A university press generally publishes four kinds of books: important books by and for scholars, books by scholars interpreting for general readers, materials for scholarly study and reference, and regional works. Its primary role, however, is the publication of the results of research by scholars--...University of Utah; Press University presses -- Utah -- Salt Lake City1976
14 Cracroft, R. PaulSusa Young Gates : her life and literary workToo long have Americans accepted western colonization in terms of a kaleidoscopic assortment of boundlessly bountiful land in slabs such as "The Oregon Territory" or "The Mississippi Valley," of romanticized. men like Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and Jim Bridger, of soul-stirring slogans : "Fifty-fou...Mormon women; Biography1951
15 Gillies, Richard E.A history of Lincoln County, Nevada, 1776-1874Local history has the tendency to become vague and colored with incredulity when not recorded. Certainly there is much to be written concerning any area. When a mining region is studied with all its fortune and misfortune, we find most individuals anxious to recall the colorful or the odd occurrence...Lincoln County (Nev.); History1959
16 Wells, Andrew RobertPagans and Puritans: Protestant Classical Translation in Renaissance EnglandClassical translations by devout English Protestants represent a valuable nexus for interpreting the effects of humanism and the Reformation in England. The Protestant reformers forced Europeans to reimagine their connection to the pagan past. Protestant translators with humanist training felt press...English literature; Religious history; Classical studies2017
17 Pedersen, Katherine ElizabethDolly Does Saigon: Diplomacy and the Sexual Politics of Show Business in the Vietnam WarThis project investigates the representation of American actresses Mary Martin and Jane Fonda during the Vietnam War and why they are inversely committed to American cultural memory. Mary Martin's involvement as a Broadway performer in an active war zone reinforced her legacy as America's sweetheart...American history; Asian Studies; Gender studies2017
18 Mathias, Elizabeth BarclaySpatial Salvage: The Materiality of Region in Literature of the American WestAt the end of the nineteenth century, many literary narratives of the American West repeated historical assumptions and genre tropes while material objects from the West indexed commodity flows and a national fetish for ethnography. Writers like John Wesley Powell, Elizabeth Bacon Custer, Owen Wiste...American history; Literature; American literature2017
19 Kornhauser, KaileySee the Forest for the Trees: Examining Best Practice Collaboration in Forest Management Planning ProcessesIn 2012, the US Forest Service created a new planning rule for land management that included the use of collaborative methods and public involvement. Planning rules impact the Forest Service Management Plans for individual National Forests. The 2012 Planning Rule provides a very broadly defined vers...Environmental management; Environmental studies2017
20 Edwards, SamanthaWhen the Losers Write History: The Story of Barcelona Under Siege in the Final Year of the Spanish Civil War (1938-1939)Barcelona's most prominent newspaper, La Vanguardia, framed a fierce resistance to Franco during the Spanish Civil War even when it became clear that defeat was imminent. Its writers and editors made a desperate plea for democratic values, not just to struggling locals or the international community...Communication; European history; Mass communications2017
21 Altinok, DursunQuantifier Scope and Prosody in TurkishA sentence containing multiple quantifiers can be ambiguous in languages like English. In some other languages, these sentences are unambiguous and the inverse scope reading is not readily available. These languages are called scope rigid languages. In some of these languages, it has been argued tha...2017
22 Maag, Margaret JudyDiscrimination against the negro in Utah and institutional efforts to eliminate itThis thesis is a look at the Negro in Utah, his history and his position from early settlement to the late 1960's. The Negro population in Utah increased steadily during most of this period, but it never became more than one-half of one percent of the total population of the state. The Negro populat...1971
23 Reeder, Clarence Andrew Jr.The History of Utah's Railroads 1869-1883The nation's railways hold a fascination for thousands of enthuiastic Americans, young and old I who band together in model railroading clubs and organizations formed to study the history and folklore of the railroad. These arm-chair "railroaders" demand and are provided with numerous periodicals an...1970
24 Miller, David HenryThe Impact of the Gunnison massacre on Mormon-Federal Relations: colonel Edward Jenner Steptoe's command in Utah Territory, 1854-1855.The purpose of this study is to describe, evaluate, and analyze the impact of the Gunnison Massa9re on Mormon federal. relations. In particular this thesis examines the social and political relations between the Mormon community in Utah and the officers and soldiers of the command of Colonel Edward ...1968
25 Kahn, JeffreyJudas Iscariot: a vehicle of medieval didacticismThe role of Judas Iscariot in the French Passion plays of the f1iddle Ages shows itself to be of particular interest, not only because of the possible interpretations offered by this figure of semi-darkness, but also because some authors of fifteenth-century Mystery plays inserted a very curious leg...1976
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