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1 "Ogden, erected 1849"1849uum_map
2 [Man dressed as a cowboy carrying equipment]1910uum_mapImage
3 Automotive Supply Company, Ogden [1]1984-11uum_mapImage
4 Automotive Supply Company, Ogden [2]1984-11uum_mapImage
5 B. E. #303 - U.I.C. #513 - B.E. #128. Ogden, Utah April 21, 1939.1939-04-21uum_map
6 B.E. Ry #?. Near Ogden, Utah, April 21, 1939.1939-04-21uum_map
7 Back Row: Thora Parker at Snare Drum but played baritone. Weltha Wilson - Bass; Florence Van Zweden and Freta Jones - 2nd altos; Zella Jones - 1st alto; Marie Clausee, Gayla Wilfong and Mary Christensen - Trombones.; Emma Koldwyn - Baritone. Middle Row, L to R: Florence Parker, Olive McFarland, Nellie Tucker Helen Davis, and Leah Schofield - Cornets. Front Row: Mae McFarland and Dot Bender. Absent: Florece and Bernice Shafer, and Mina Barlin.1917uum_mapImage
8 Bamberger 352 at Ogden [Utah].1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945uum_map
9 Bamberger Elec. Ry #128. Ogden, April 19, 1939. 4-50 hp motors.1939-04-19uum_map
10 Bamberger Elec. Ry #128. Ogden, Utah. April 1939.1939-04uum_map
11 Bamberger Elec. Ry. 2-car train near Ogden, Utah. April 21, 1939.1939-04-21uum_map
12 Bamberger Elec. Ry. Weber River Bridge, near Ogden, Utah. April 1939.1939-04uum_map
13 Bamberger Electric Railroad. No. 125. Builder: J.G. Brill - 1932. Seats: 54 passengers. At: Ogden, Utah, June 1950. Series: 125-129, bought from Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville R.R. in 1939 (same nos.)1950-06uum_map
14 Bamberger Electric Railroad. No. 352. Seats: 72 passengers. At: Ogden, Utah, July, 1952.1952-07uum_map
15 Bamberger Electric RR, Salt Lake City. About two miles south of Ogden, Utah.1938-03-10uum_map
16 Bamberger Railroad1947dha_puImage
17 Band Reunion of 1955 at the home of Tirza B. Ross in Ogden Canyon. Dot, Coelin, LaVon, Flora, Mildred, Dora, Mae, Christy, Olive, Flo Wilson, Mae McFarland, Tirza B. Ross, and Gayla Wilfong.1955uum_mapImage
18 Beginning1995uu_uapImage/StillImage
19 California Packing Company factory, Ogden, Utah1944; 1945; 1946uum_mapImage
20 Chinese in Utah1933-11dha_puImage
21 City and County building, Ogden, Utah1944; 1945; 1946uum_mapImage
22 Contact sheet of images of John Felice, Fred Wald, and Ogden Alternative Energy Fun Run, April 19851985-04uum_mapImage
23 Contact sheet of images of Ogden Alternative Energy Fun Run, April 1985 [1]1985-04uum_mapImage
24 Contact sheet of images of Ogden Alternative Energy Fun Run, April 1985 [2]1985-04uum_mapImage
25 Contact sheet of images of Ogden Alternative Energy Fun Run, Ogden Alternative Energy Contest, and Mary Norton, April 19851985-04uum_mapImage
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