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1 The Economic Recession and Its Effects on Nursing Home Placement and Prevention A Preliminary Review Based on 2008-2009 Events in UtahBritton, Heidi2010The population of the United States is aging at an unprecedented rate with life expectancy nearly doubling during the 20th century. Since the 1900s, the number of Americans aged 65 and older has increased ten-fold. People are living longer with increased risk of living with chronic diseases and dege...Medicare; Medicaid; Long-Term Care; Nursing Homes; Economic Recession; Health Services Needs and Demand; Delivery of Health Care; Home Care Services; Activities of Daily Living; Gerontology; Aging Populations
2 Leisure and the Aging Experience; Intrinsically Connected and Experienced Development of an Online Course IntegrationPeterson, Marilyn M.2010Aging is multi-faceted, and individualistic, no two individuals will experience it in the same way. There are, however, some basic concepts that, when understood, can provide an awareness of the varying aspects of aging. In summing up the aging experience, there are notations that refer to the quali...Quality of Life; Personal Satisfaction; Leisure Activities; Recreation; Self Efficacy; Activities of Daily Living; Attitude to Health; Health Promotion; Health Services for the Aged; Curriculum; Interdisciplinary Studies; Competency-Based Education; Education, Distance; Course Development; Aging Pop...
3 Law Enforcement Knowledge of Elder Laws and Beliefs about AgingCupello, Michael Scott2010As agencies of last resort, police officers o f today are often called upon to serve as both counselor and gatekeeper to an array o f social services for older adults. Unfortunately, there is little to no training available to law enforcement as to what aging resources are available, how to access t...Law Enforcement; Police; Ageism; Prejudice; Jurisprudence; Social Support; Attitude; Stereotyped Behavior; Vulnerable Populations; Crisis Intervention; Education; Questionnaires; Age Distribution; Data Collection; Aging Populations; Elder Laws; Taining Programs
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