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1 George "Butch" Cassidy's Wyoming State Penitentiary documentationP0168 The Wild Bunch photograph collectionP0168n010103
2 "Danube I" chapters 3, 5, and 6 illustration captionsP0244 Olive Woolley Burt Photograph CollectionP0244add1n1_05_Danube
3 Emily Varkala correspondence and enclosures to Wallace StegnerP0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n01_10_23
4 Correspondence from the United States Department of the Interior to Wallace Stegner dated July 17, 1968P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n01_12_08
5 Correspondence from Eileen Smith addressed to Wallace Stegner, November 5, 1987P0561 Wallace Stegner Photograph Collectionp0561n01_17_13
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