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1 Low Emissions Boiler Shaped Flame Chemistryuu_afrcText
2 An Investigation of NO Reduction by Coal Reburninguu_afrcText
3 Demonstration of a Continuous Billet Holding Furnace and Its Modellinguu_afrcText
4 Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking (ICCR) the Devlopment of Future Combustion Emission Regulationsuu_afrcText
5 A Dynamic Thermal System Model For a Low Inertia Furnaceuu_afrcText
6 Prediction of the Temperature Distribution of a Slab in a Continuous Reheating Furnaceuu_afrcText
7 Improvement of Reducing Flame Burner with Oxygen Enrichmentuu_afrcText
8 Development of Oxygen Jet Burner in Electric Arc Furnaceuu_afrcText
9 Waste to Energy Solutions for Industryuu_afrcText
10 High Radiative Low NOx Flat Flame Oxy-Fuel Burneruu_afrcText
11 Research on the Operation of the Sinter Bed with the Process Gas Circulating Systemuu_afrcText
12 Radiative Heat Transfer Simulation of High Temperature Diffusion Combustion in a Furnace by Nongray Gas Modeluu_afrcText
13 Combustion Design Issues in Fluids and Refinery Heatinguu_afrcText
14 Preconditioned Navier-Stokes Solution Technique for Laminar Methane-Air Non-Premixed Combustionuu_afrcText
15 Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Analysis of Bubbling Fluidised Bed Combustionuu_afrcText
16 Metals Industries Combustion Needs - Steel & Aluminumuu_afrcText
17 Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Jet Diffusion Flames Challenges and Implications for Flare Flame Simulationsuu_afrcText
18 Mercury Emissions Control Strategies for Coal-Fired Power Plantsuu_afrcText
19 Application of a Mathematical Modeling to the Development of a Muffle Type Continuous Heat Treating Furnaceuu_afrcText
20 Future Industrial Combustion a Vision of Improved Productivity and Product Qualityuu_afrcText
21 High Uniformity Heating Theory and Practiceuu_afrcText
22 LIM Simulations of Gas Injection and Reburning in Two Coal-Fired Utility Boilersuu_afrcText
23 Oxy-Fuel Solutionsuu_afrcText
24 Multivariate Study of the Effects of Geometric Design Parameters on Furnace Performanceuu_afrcText
25 Glass Industry Combustion Needs Emission Control Technologiesuu_afrcText
1 - 25 of 813