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1 Basic Eye Alignment ExamDemonstration of basic eye alignment examination. Includes: a. Tools b. Cover-Uncover and SPCT c. Alternate Cover and APCT d. Maddox Rod TestingText
2 Amsler Grid TestingDemonstration of Amsler Grid examination.Text
3 ExophthalmometryDemonstration of exophthalmometry examination.Text
4 Color Vision TestingDemonstration of color vision examination.Text
5 Fusional Vergence AmplitudesDemonstration of fusional vergence amplitudes examination. Incluudes: a. Convergence Amplitudes b. Divergence Amplitudes c. Vertical AmpitudesText
6 Stereoacuity TestingDemonstration of examination for stereoacuity.Text
7 Pupil ExamDemonstration of pupil examination.Text
8 Normal Eye MovementsThis is an examination of a person with normal eye movements. Notice the patient has normal excursions. He has normal pursuit and saccades (horizontally and vertically).Text
1 - 25 of 8