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1 Ute Family [P0325n01_10_20.tif]uaida_mainImage/StillImage
2 Mummy Caveuaida_mainImage/StillImage
3 Shoshone Purseuaida_mainImage/StillImage
4 Navajo woman weavinguaida_mainImage/StillImage
5 Monument Valley sandstone monolithsuaida_mainImage/StillImage
6 Monument Valleyuaida_mainImage/StillImage
7 Navajo Hoganuaida_mainImage/StillImage
8 Navajo sand paintinguaida_mainImage/StillImage
9 Navajo man on horse in Monument Valleyuaida_mainImage/StillImage
10 Paiute Landscapeuaida_mainImage/StillImage
11 Paiute Children [P0591n04_35_01.tif]uaida_mainImage/StillImage
12 Woman in front of triangle buildinguaida_mainImage/StillImage
13 Man sitting at a deskuaida_mainImage/StillImage
14 Brush shelter, John Duncan's Camp, White Rocks, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
15 Small canvas tepee and brush shelter at Charlie Mack's camp, White Rocks, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
16 Scene at White Rocks, ration day, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
17 "Coyote" dance, White Rocks, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
18 View near White Rocks, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
19 Uintah Ute Indian Canvass Tepee, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
20 "Squaw" dance, White Rocks, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
21 Snake John in dance costume, Summer '09uaida_mainImage/StillImage
22 Woman basket-weavinguaida_mainImage/StillImage
23 Utes in engaged in skinning operation (?)uaida_mainImage/StillImage
24 Bert chopping wood at campuaida_mainImage/StillImage
25 Photograph entitled Irene Cesspoochuaida_mainImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 267,555