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1 Glen Black, Patricia "Patsy" Black Shumway, Kelly Glen Shumway, Bayley Shumway Hedglin, and baby Max Hedglin2000-05Imagedha_pour
2 Charlie Tracy, Kelly Tracy, Melvin Tracy, Lucy Tracy, Chesley Tracy, Ginger Tracy, and Guy Tracy2001Imagedha_pour
3 Monticello Elementary School 6th grade class of 19591959Image; Textdha_pour
4 Max Hedglin and Brian Hedglin2004Imagedha_pour
5 Bayley Hedgllin and unidentified coworker1998Imagedha_pour
6 Bayley Hedgllin1986Imagedha_pour
7 Daniel Young and Max Hedglin2004Imagedha_pour
8 Bayley Hedgllin, Tiffany Kimmerly, Haven Redd1995Imagedha_pour
9 James Burrit White Army photograph1943Imagedha_pour
10 Georgia Nell Dalton Rasmussen, Virginia Marie Dalton Tracy (Ginger), Carolina Dalton Forrest, Yancy Lee Dalton, Max Dalton, Nell Wight Dalton, William Monty Dalton1970-07Imagedha_pour
11 1953 Monticello Elementary School 1st grade valss with Carolina Dalton, teacher on the bottom left Laverta Jensen1953Imagedha_pour
12 Ginger Dalton Tracy as a baby1949Imagedha_pour
13 Lydia Johnson Dalton and her mother, Emma Jane Karchner Johnson1960; 1961; 1962; 1963; 1964Imagedha_pour
14 William Edison Wight and Bessie Beatrice Lawyer Wight1972-06Imagedha_pour
15 George Max Dalton at family ranch1950; 1951; 1952; 1953; 1954; 1956; 1957; 1958; 1959Imagedha_pour
16 Emma Johnson and Max Dalton as babies1921Imagedha_pour
17 George Max Dalton1952Imagedha_pour
18 Yancy Lee Dalton1946Imagedha_pour
19 Shannon, Peter, and Ricky Begaye with Mutt (dog)2003Imagedha_pour
20 Peter, Randy, and Ricky Begaye with Mutt (dog)2003Imagedha_pour
21 George Max Dalton1940Imagedha_pour
22 George Max Dalton and Nell Wight Dalton1962Imagedha_pour
23 Roger Merrill van Frank [3]1943; 1945; 1945Imagedha_pour
24 Roger Merrill van Frank [1]1943; 1945; 1945Imagedha_pour
25 Roger Merrill van Frank [2]1943; 1945; 1945Imagedha_pour
1 - 25 of 354,537