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1 Sluff' Bug is Put to Wing by 'Flu' BugSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-14
2 Rebuke Park City for Flu Rule ViolationSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-24
3 7 Arrested for Violation of Flu Ban on MeetingsSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-30
4 Coalville Has Influenza RulesOgden Daily Standard1918-11-29
5 Drastic New Flu Rules for OgdenSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-30
6 Theatres to Reopen with Splendid BillsSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-07
7 Salt Lake Lively as Flu Ban is LiftedSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-07
8 County Protests Flu Ban LiftingSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-09
9 Public School Teachers Called to Flu MeetingSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-13
10 Flu Epidemic Checks All Activities in Uintah BasinSun1918-12-13
11 Flu Decreases; Only Few CasesNews Advocate1918-12-19
12 Co. Commissioners Do Good Work in "Flu" CampaignVernal Express1918-12-20
13 Not the 'Flu' but a New ArrivalOgden Daily Standard1918-12-21
14 Provo Will Raise "Flu" QuarantineOgden Daily Standard1918-12-24
15 Provo will Raise 'Flu' QuarantineSalt Lake Tribune1918-12-24
16 Quarantine Against Salt Lake is Again in Sight If Flu in Capital Continues to SpreadOgden Daily Standard1918-12-28
17 Shown in Flu ReportsSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-02
18 Nine Cases of 'Flu' in Official ReportSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-02
19 Day's Report Shows 13 Cases of 'Flu'Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-04
20 Four Cases of 'Flu' in Report of DaySalt Lake Tribune1919-03-05
21 Flu Flares UpSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-11
22 To Enforce "Flu" RulesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-19
23 Day's "Flu" Report Shows Five CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-19
24 Day's Health Report Shows 17 'Flu' CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-28
25 21 Influenza Cases Shown in StatementSalt Lake Tribune1919-04-06
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