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1 Hand the Flu a Lemon !Salt Lake Telegram1918-10-09
2 Prevention for Spanish "Flu"Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-19
3 Sunshine Wins Great Victory over InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-20
4 Bootleggers' Rum Used to Cure FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
5 Worrell Receives Leary's Serum for "Flu"Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-11
6 Sulphur Wards off InfluenzaOgden Daily Standard1918-11-21
7 How to Care for Those Sick of FluOgden Daily Standard1918-11-22
8 Thousands Are Now Using Anti-FluSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-22
9 Flu Fumigation is Latest SuggestionSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-23
10 Whiskey for the 'Flu' Causes King to Lose $50Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-29
11 Cayenne Pepper Tea Will Smash Influenza BugSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-01
12 Local NewsOgden Daily Standard1918-12-03
13 Mint Drop Comes as Chaser of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-03
14 Provo Bench Woman has Cure for FluBingham Bulletin1918-12-06
15 Fragrant Odors of Garlic Aid 'Flu' DodgersSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-13
16 Hirsute Veil Camouflage is Flu Germ DupeSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-15
17 Doctor Treats 1400 'Flu' CasesSalt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-01
18 Booze No 'Flu' CureSalt Lake Herald-Republican1919-02-09
19 Powerful Light is Called Flu CureSalt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-27
20 One Way London Fights Flu GermsSalt Lake Herald-Republican1919-04-02
21 Flu-Time Hints for Young and Old and OthersSalt Lake Herald-Republican1919-09-16
22 Salt Water for "Flu"Myton Free Press1919-11-13
23 Pope Wards off Flu by ExerciseSalt Lake Telegram1920-03-06
24 Flu CureParowan Times1920-03-17
25 Ol' Sol Furnishes Bill's Flu CureSalt Lake Telegram1920-03-25
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