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1 The InfluenzaRoosevelt Standard1918-11-13
2 Influenza is Subsiding, Health Reports IndicateSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-26
3 Carol Livingstone Dies of InfluenzaOgden Daily Standard1918-12-03
4 flu' on Decrease in Salt LakeOgden Daily Standard1918-12-06
5 Influenza Raging in the Town of KanabIron County Record1920-02-13
6 85 New Cases of Influenza, 8 Deaths in UtahSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-17
7 Theatres Here Are Loyal Gladly Sacrifice for City Stars Die of InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-20
8 Babies Cry Vainly for MotherSalt Lake Telegram1918-10-26
9 Mrs. Cameron "Flu" VictimPiute Chieftain1919-01-23
10 Salina Matron is Victim of "Flu"Richfield Reaper1918-11-23
11 Monkeys Die of FluParowan Times1919-04-16
12 Monkeys Die of FluMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-04-11
13 Monkeys Die of FluRoosevelt Standard1919-04-30
14 Jos. Scowcroft Jr., Victim of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-03
15 79 New Cases of Flu ReportedSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-04
16 Member Student Army Dies of FluSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-07
17 Decrease in Cases of Flu ReportedSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-24
18 3 Brothers Die of Flu; Fourth IllSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-09
19 28 Flu Cases and 2 Deaths ReportedSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-26
20 Flu Takes Mrs Merle Snow WoodSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-11
21 No Flu Deaths Reported in DaySalt Lake Telegram1919-01-23
22 96 New Cases Flu; 4 Deaths ReportSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-11
23 Flu Fatal in Three CasesSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-15
24 Five Deaths from Flu ReportedSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-16
25 99 New Cases Flu Are Reported HereSalt Lake Telegram1919-01-15
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