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1 Nadauld, Lincoln DyrengA novel role for the tumor suppressor adenomatous polyposis coli in controlling retinoic acid production in the vertebrate intestine and retinaColon; Cancer; Antioncogenes; Tretinoin; Physiological Effect; Zebra dahio; Physiology2005-12dissertation
2 Metzger, Ryan RooneyAcute modulation of dopamine transporter function by methamphetaminePhysiology; Synaptosomal2000-08dissertation
3 Polei, Michael DavidAddressing the foreign body response to high density penetrating microelectrode arraysBioengineering; Engineering; Neurosciences; Physiology2018dissertation
4 Thapa, BijayaAdvancement in biomedical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopyMedical imaging; Physics; Physiology2017dissertation
5 Judkins, Bonnie HowardAlterations in arterial oxygen tension associated with age, weight, and smokingPhysiology; Tabacco; Anoxemia1974-12thesis
6 Manning, Delores FayeAnalgesic management of postoperative pain in children: a retrospective studyPhysiology; Psychological; Analgesic1979-06thesis
7 Rae, Lonieda E. EskelsonAxillary and rectal temperatures in females of varying agePhysiology; Pediatric Nursing1974-06thesis
8 Biskupiak, Joseph EdwardBioactive metabolites from marine organisms.Microbiology; Physiology; Biochemistry1985-06dissertation
9 Martin, Robert PackardBiochemical conversion of progesterone to orchic androgensPhysiology; Biosynthesis1956-06thesis
10 Aras, Kedar KirtikumarBioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaCardiac Electrophysiology; Coronary Artery Disease; ECG; Heart Attack; Myocardial Ischemia; Physiology2015dissertation
11 Cornillie, Sean PaulBiomolecular simulation protocols enabling effective peptide therapeutic design: model validation and optimizationPublic health; Physiology; Epidemiology; Biophysics2018dissertation
12 Heaton, Daren NathanialBiophysical characterization of Cox17, the metallochaperone to the mitochondriaPhysiology; Cytochrome; Micochondria2001-05dissertation
13 Burton, Scott AllisonCarrier-mediated transport of calcium into the in vitro choroid plexus: inhibitory effects of sodium, potassium, and pharmacological agents.Physiology; Pharmacology1982-12dissertation
14 Shiflett, Shelly LynnCharacterization of proteins regulating vesicular trafficking and protein sortingPhysiology; Amino Acids2004-08dissertation
15 Novak, Jeanne MarieCharacterization of receptor redistribution and regulatory volume decrease in rabbit alveolar macrophagesPhysiology; Rabbits; Signal Transduction1987-12dissertation
16 Dominick, Pamela K.Chemical and biological analysis of novel thiazolidine prodrugs of L-cysteinePhysiology; Analysis; Prodrugs2002-05dissertation
17 Richardson, Adam DavidChemical and biological studies of secondary metabolites from Lissoclinum patellaSea Squits; Physiology; Marine Metabolites2003-08dissertation
18 Labroo, PratimaConduit based drug delivery device for peripheral nerve regenerationBioengineering; Neurosciences; Biomedical engineering; Physiology2017dissertation
19 Schneider, Brian DouglasConsequences of iron regulatory protein regulation during hypoxiaMetabolism; Physiology2004-05dissertation
20 Topham, William SanfordControl of cardiac output studied with computer techniques.Anatomy; Physiology2008-02thesis
21 West, Peter JDelta- and mu-conotoxins : peptides from cone snail venoms that selectively affect tetrodotoxin-sensitive and tetrodotoxin-resistant volatge-gated sodium channels.Physiology; Conotoxins; Cone Snail; Venoms; Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels; Tetrodotoxin; Neurology2004-08dissertation
22 Eshima, DennisDevelopment of animal models for evaluation of technetium-99m renal tubular function agentsTechnetium; Isotopes; Radiophamaceuticals; Physiology1985-06dissertation
23 Park, JooneonDevelopment of magnetic labels for magnetic immunoassays: towards multiplexed detection of pancreatic cancer markers using giant-magnetoresistive sensorChemical engineering; Nanotechnology; Physiology; Oncology2017dissertation
24 Weavil, Joshua ClewellThe development of neuromuscular fatigue during exercise in healthy older individuals and patients with heart failure with a preserved ejection fractionKinesiology; Physiology2017dissertation
25 Kanna Reddy, Hariprasada ReddyDevelopment of selective ribosome P-Site inhibitors and their applications as new antitubercular agents and efforts toward development of first-in-class antibiofilm antibacterial agentsChemistry; Organic chemistry; Physiology; Microbiology; Medicine; Epidemiology; Public health2017dissertation
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