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1 Tanner, Ruth EllenThe effects of 5 days of bed rest on insulin sensitivity and ceramide biosynthesis expression in skeletal muscle of older adultsBiology; Nutrition; Physiology2015-08thesis
2 Bosse, John DavidEffects of high-fat vs. low-fat diets on mammalian target of rapamycin signaling and metabolic measures in spontaneously hypertensive ratsCardiac hypertrophy; Hypertension; Protein synthesis; High-fat diet; Microbiology; Nutrition; Physiology2010-12thesis
3 Black, Rebecca EschlerEvaluation of 3-bout exercise laboratory protocol in development of psychophysiological markers of training stress indicative of overreachingCycling; Endurance Athletes; Fatigue; Overreaching; Overtraining; Behavioral psychology; Kinesiology; Physiology2015-08thesis
4 Wehmanen, Kyle WilliamExercise intervention to improve glucose toleranceCLIX-IR; diabetes; exercise training; HbA1c; insulin resistance; single-leg cycling; Kinesiology; Physiology2014thesis
5 Smith, Alexander James BarkerImpact of Dietary Magnesium upon Insulin Sensitivity, Vascular Function, and Metabolic Complications During Development of Type 2 DiabetesEndocrinology; Nutrition; Physiology; Epidemiology2017thesis
6 Beckett, Lauren NicoleProfiling Speech and Language Outcomes of Children with Cleft Palate at 39 Months of Age: Examining Predictors and Identifying Speech and Language CharacteristicsSpeech therapy; Public health; Surgery; Physiology2017thesis
7 Bagley, Claire SorensenSex-divergent impact of docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on the lung of postnatal growth restricted ratsNutrition; Physiology; Gender studies; Epidemiology; Obstetrics; Public health; Health sciences2018thesis
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