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1 Smith, Jessie L.Determining the Efficacy of the Delos Postural Proprioceptive System as a Preventative Tool in a Division I Female Soccer TeamPhysical therapy; Kinesiology; Health sciences2018thesis
2 Dietze-Hermosa, Martin SterlingDoes Intra-Abdominal Pressure Exhibit Characteristics Similar to Measures of Physical Fitness?Kinesiology2018thesis
3 McKown, Hayley B.The Effect of Physical Education Teacher Physical Appearance on Student Physical ActivityPhysical education; Elementary education; Kinesiology2017thesis
4 Oldham, Jessica SuzanneEffects of acute cardiovascular exercise on attention in preadolescent childrenMental health; Kinesiology; Physiological psychology2012thesis
5 Klass, Scott E.The effects of linear and rotational plyometric exercise on baseball bat swing velocityBaseball; Bat; Plyometric; Rotational; Swing; Velocity; Kinesiology; Biomechanics2011-12thesis
6 Nalder, BreanneEstimating energy availability and examining its association with bone mineral density in male cyclistsbone health; cycling; endurance sports; energy availability; Nutrition; Kinesiology2012-12thesis
7 Black, Rebecca EschlerEvaluation of 3-bout exercise laboratory protocol in development of psychophysiological markers of training stress indicative of overreachingCycling; Endurance Athletes; Fatigue; Overreaching; Overtraining; Behavioral psychology; Kinesiology; Physiology2015-08thesis
8 Wehmanen, Kyle WilliamExercise intervention to improve glucose toleranceCLIX-IR; diabetes; exercise training; HbA1c; insulin resistance; single-leg cycling; Kinesiology; Physiology2014thesis
9 Perry, Danielle NicoleRelationship of docosahexaenoic acid (dha) intake to concussion incidence and recovery in the adolescent athlete populationNutrition; Kinesiology2016thesis
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