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1 Hueth, Kyle DeanAn Audit of Repeat Testing at an Academic Medical Center: Consistency of Order Patterns with Recommendations and Potential Cost SavingsMedicine; Health sciences; Health care management2018thesis
2 Wong, Anthony Fook LeongAn in Silico Method to Compare and Evaluate Computer-based Clinical ProtocolsMedicine; Health sciences; Information science2017dissertation
3 Pearson, Kelsey AnnThe association of prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and child birth weight with markers of metabolic dysfunction in obese children and adolescentsHealth sciences; Nutrition2017thesis
4 Heinemann, Angela M.Attitudes Towards Physical Education Activity of Parents Whose Children Are Homeschooled Versus Parents Whose Children Attend Public SchoolHealth sciences; Kinesiology2017dissertation
5 Smith, Jessie L.Determining the Efficacy of the Delos Postural Proprioceptive System as a Preventative Tool in a Division I Female Soccer TeamPhysical therapy; Kinesiology; Health sciences2018thesis
6 Larson, Abigail JEffects of a single dose of Quercetin on cardiovascular function in normotensive and hypertensive menPharmacology; Health sciences; Nutrition2010-08dissertation
7 Omdal, Reed LarsonEffects of plyometric training on cervical muscle strength, activation, and head impacts in female high school soccer playersbrain injury; Concussion; Head Impacts; Neck Strength; soccer injuries; Womens studies; Health sciences; Biomechanics2015thesis
8 Briggs, Robert AllanEnhanced Rehabilitation Targeting Strength and Movement Pattern Symmetry Following Hip FracturePhysical therapy; Aging; Health sciences2015-12dissertation
9 Eckhardt, Jessica LeeEnvironmental Inequality and Obesogenics: Understanding the Relationship Between Unequal Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Obesity PrevalenceHealth sciences; Environmental Justice; Sociology; Physiology2017dissertation
10 Olausson, Jill M.The experience of developing new-onset diabetes after cancer treatments in middle age and older adultsHealth sciences; Nursing2016dissertation
11 Alderden, JennyPressure Injury Risk Among Critical-Care PatientsHealth sciences2017dissertation
12 Bagley, Claire SorensenSex-divergent impact of docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on the lung of postnatal growth restricted ratsNutrition; Physiology; Gender studies; Epidemiology; Obstetrics; Public health; Health sciences2018thesis
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