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1 Smeeding, SandraClinical fatigue concept clarificationFatigue1987-06thesis
2 Warner, Jacob JohnCold expansion effects on cracked fastener holes under constant amplitude and spectrum loading in the 2024-T351 aluminum alloyCold expand; Cold expansion; Cold work; Crack; Fatigue; Spectrum2012-05thesis
3 Chang, Paul N.Competing fatigue mechanisms in Ni-Base superalloy Rene 88DTCompeting; Fatigue; Rene? 88DT; S-N curve; Superalloys2011-05dissertation
4 Heller, Randal EvanDamage tolerance predictions for spar web cracking in a diminishing stress fieldWeb cracking; Damage tolerance; Fatigue; Fracture mechanics; Airplanes -- Maintenance and repair2011-12thesis
5 Black, Rebecca EschlerEvaluation of 3-bout exercise laboratory protocol in development of psychophysiological markers of training stress indicative of overreachingCycling; Endurance Athletes; Fatigue; Overreaching; Overtraining; Behavioral psychology; Kinesiology; Physiology2015-08thesis
6 Carlson, Scott SpencerExperimentally derived beta corrections to predict fatigue crack growth at cold expanded holes in 7075-T651 aluminum alloyAluminum alloys; Airframes; Fatigue2008-08thesis
7 Cao, FeiFatigue behavior and mechanisms in powder metallurgy Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloyCrack growth; Fatigue; Microstructure; Powder metallurgy; Titanium alloy2016dissertation
8 Hobbs, James MarkHigh temperature fastener fatigueFastener; Fatigue; High temperature; Measurement; Preload2010-08thesis
9 Hoffmann, RandiThe impact of exercise on hematopoietic stem cell patientsExercise; Fatigue; Function; Stem cell transplant; Theory of planned behavior2013-08dissertation
10 Andrew, Dallen LeeInvestigation of cold expansion of short edge margin holes with preexisting cracks in 2024-T351 aluminum alloyAFGROW; Cold expansion; Cold work; Fatigue; Fracture; Precrack2011-12thesis
11 VanHYaitsma, Timothy AllenIon channel gene expression as objective biomarkers of training induced fatigueExercise; Fatigue; Gene expression; Heat; Metabolites; Pain2014-12dissertation
12 Shun, Shiow-ChingPsychometric testing of three fatigue instruments with cancer outpatients in TaiwanFatigue; Cancer Patients; Nursing2005-12dissertation
13 Lockard, Carly AnneQuantifying fatigue crack damage in polyethylene tibial inserts of prosthetic knee jointsFatigue; Finite element; Polyethylene; Tibial insert; Total knee arthroplasty; UHMWPE2015-05thesis
14 Arriscorreta, Carlos A.Statistical modeling for the corrosion fatigue of aluminum alloys 7075-T6 and 2024-T3Aluminum alloys; Corrosion; Fatigue; Intergranular corrosion; Pitting corrosion; 7075-T6; 2024-T32012-05dissertation
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