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1 Social distancing on Bombora ride2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
2 Welcome banner at Lagoon Amusement Park2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
3 Lagoon Amusement Park employee sanitizing turnstile2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
4 Lagoon Amusement Park holds social distance sign2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
5 Social distancing at Lagoon Railroad entrance2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
6 Social distance at park entrance2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
7 Lady Bug Drop waiting line2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
8 Employee sanitizes Dinosaur Drop2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
9 Masked riders on the Dinosaur Drop2020-06-17uum_uc19Image
10 Social distance rides2020-06-01uum_uc19Image
11 Social distance signs [1]2020-06-01uum_uc19Image
12 The Peterson family wearing masks2020-06-01uum_uc19Image
13 Social distance signs [2]2020-06-01uum_uc19Image
14 Taped off tables2020-06-01uum_uc19Image
15 Davis County Library North Branch (Clearfield) social distance measures [2]2020-06uum_uc19Image
16 Davis County Library North Branch (Clearfield) social distance measures [1]2020-06uum_uc19Image
17 Michael Bendall carries flag during neighborhood parade2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
18 University of Utah issued mask2020-07uum_uc19Image
19 Smith's grocery store, social distance signs [2]2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
20 Smith's grocery store, social distance signs [1]2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
21 Germ awareness sign, Smith's grocery store2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
22 Screenshot of Lehi scavenger hunt2020-07uum_uc19Image
23 Jessica Bendall with patriotic poodle2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
24 Liz Myntti throwing candy to children2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
25 Giles Baum as the Grand Marshall2020-07-04uum_uc19Image
1 - 25 of 540