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1 Sudbury, Daniel ScottA performance evaluation of hot mix asphalt thin lift treatmentsAsphalt; Cracking; Pavement; Performance; Thermal; Transportation2017thesis
2 Chandika, Charan kumarDetermination of critical cracking temperature of oil sands at low temperature conditionsAsphalt; Bending beam rheometer; Critical cracking temperature; Oil sands, Pavements; Strength2013-05thesis
3 Nielson, Jason AaronDevelopment of a testing temperature to be used with the hamburg wheel tracking device on asphalt mixtures that utilize performance grade bindersAsphalt; Binders; Hamburg; Testing; Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device; HWTD; Asphalt mixtures2010thesis
4 Jones, ZacGary LeonDevelopment of low-temperature performance specifications for asphalt pavements using the bending beam rheometerAsphalt; BBR; cracking; low-temperature; performance; Civil engineering2013-05thesis
5 Cox, James AllenSignificance of pH variance in predicting chemical reaction in hot mix asphaltAsphalt; Chemical; pH; Reaction; Significance; Variance2016dissertation
6 Clendennen-Peirce, Crystal RaeValidity of testing small asphalt concrete mixture beams in the bending beam rheometerAsphalt; Bending beam rheometer; Materials2013-12thesis
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