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1 Fidel, Philip Anthony.Automation of urinalysis.Analysis; Automation1970-06thesis
2 Morris, Allan J.Biosynthesis of pancreatic ribonucleaseBiosynthesis; Orcinol; Analysis1959-08thesis
3 Westcott, Wayne L.The chemistry of the nucleic acids.Analysis; Nucleotides1949thesis
4 Downs, Nevin Howard.Clinical evaluation of enflurane.Analysis; Clinical Investigations1973-06thesis
5 Johnson, Gary LynnComparison of liquid medium and charcoal tube sampling methods for ethylene oxideAnalysis; Charcoal Tube Sampling Method; ETO1983-08thesis
6 Poulson, Matthew DeanDetermination of the six ApoE genotypes using an isolated probe-polymerase chain reaction technique combined with multiplexed unlabeled probes and high resolution melting analysisAnalysis; DNA2006-08thesis
7 Chen, JieHemoglobin adsorption onto glass and polymersAnalysis; Denaturation1984-03thesis
8 Bartholomew, Richard MarkIsolation and metabolism of liver glycogen phosphorylase under normal and fasting dietary conditionsEnzymology; Analysis1976-08dissertation
9 Simonian, YasmenMonocyte nonspecific esterase: a technique for quantifying activityAnalysis; Physiology1981-12thesis
10 Deig, Elmer FrankPhosphatase activity in homogenates and particulates from normal and poliovirus infected tissue culturesAnalysis; Tissue Culture1961-06dissertation
11 Chen, FengPleiotropic functions of Hox genes revealed by mutants for genes in Hox seventh and ninth paralogous groupsDevelopmental; Analysis1998-08thesis
12 Chen, MengPreanalytic variation in plasma amino acidsAnalysis; Separation; Homocystein1999-12thesis
13 James, Greg C.ProtosLINK: a bioinformatics application to manage protein identifications, annotations, and related sample informationAnalysis; Medical Informatiacs Application; Software2003-08thesis
14 Fisher, Robert D.Structural and functional studies of ALIX/AIP1 in HIV-1 buddingImmunodeficiency; Analysis; Physiology2007-08dissertation
15 Thomas, Matthew LeeStudies on the third component of complementAnalysis1981-08dissertation
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