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1 Hayes, Heather AnneEffect of age, Parkinson Disease, and Dopamine on acquisition performance and retention learning of a standing implicit motor sequence taskDopamine; Implicit; Motor learning; Parkinson Disease; Aging; Psychology; Cognitive psychology2014-05dissertation
2 Papa, Evan VoyEffects of acute muscle fatigue on postural control in healthy adults and persons with Parkinson's DiseaseMuscle fatigue; Parkinson's disease; Postural control; Physical therapy; Aging; Kinesiology2014-08dissertation
3 Briggs, Robert AllanEnhanced Rehabilitation Targeting Strength and Movement Pattern Symmetry Following Hip FracturePhysical therapy; Aging; Health sciences2015-12dissertation
4 Elmer, Steven JosephFatigue during multijoint exercise: biomechanical central, peripheral, and age-related aspectsAging; Biomechanics; Central; Muscle fatigue; Neuromuscular function; Peripheral2011-12dissertation
5 Chung-Hoon, E. KaiwinuiMuscle force steadiness and accuracy in older adults who have fallen: exploring their ability to change and any links to mobilityAging; Concentric; Eccentric; Muscle force accuracy; Muscle force steadiness; Strength training2014-08dissertation
6 Barrett-O'Keefe, ZacharyNonadrenergic control of skeletal muscle blood flow in the elderlyAging; Blood flow; Exercise; Nonadrenergic control; Skeletal muscle blood flow; Elderly2012-05thesis
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