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1 University of Utah Ski team Beta fraternity members standing in front of the Beta house. L to R: back row, Bill Meyers, Bill Bennett, and Tom Wernock. Front Row, Don Irvine, M. Melville, Spencer Eccles.P0903 Spencer Eccles Photograph Collection1_4_01
2 Group photo of Wasatch Club members on the Brighton / Alta ski trail. This picture, mounted on a thin slice of pine, was the favor given at the nomination dinner held at the Lion House. (8x10) For additional information and similar photographs see collection P0004 Wasatch Mountain Club photograph number 0003.P0950 University of Utah Ski Archives Photograph CollectionP0004n003
3 Skiers enjoying Alta's slopes.P0403 Gordon Allcott Photograph CollectionP0099n11
4 Skiers on a beginners slopeP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_01
5 Wildcat liftP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_02
6 Greeley Bowl, upper Alta BasinP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_03
7 Wasatch winter scene, Alta [1]P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_04
8 Wasatch winter sceneP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_05
9 Compilation of Alta ski runs and liftsP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_06
10 Avalanche debrisP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_07
11 Skiers on deck of ski lodgeP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_08
12 Skiers waiting in line to board liftP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_09
13 Snow covered slopes at AltaP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_10
14 People gathered in front of Watson's shelter during the springP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_11
15 View of the base of Alta to Mt. BaldyP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_12
16 View of Rustler with snow slideP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_13
17 The field party in Germania Basin, 1933. L to R: Marlan Nelson, Andy Hank, Lawrence Waggener, Roscoe Files, Mike Wright, Bill Rozynik, Gay Weidenhoft, E.L. Bandtrief, Paul Hank, Slim Daries, Monty Atwater, Nelson Stone, Ed LaChapelle, Bob Haag, Wendell Frisby, Lloyd Johnson,John Clement.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_15
18 Ski Run Control sign at the top of the Germania lift.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_17
19 Beginners on the rope tow in front of Alta LodgeP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_18
20 Skiers in line at the Wildcat lift.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_19
21 Skiers on the Alta Lodge rope tow.P0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_20
22 Lift lines at Collins and WildcatP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_21
23 Lift lines at Collins and WildcatP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_22
24 Skiers in front of Watson's shelterP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_23
25 Skiers in front of Watson's shelterP0371 Alta Photograph CollectionP0371n1_01_24
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