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1 XII Olympic Winter Games, 1976. postcard sent on March 22, 1976 to Gustav Raaum in Big Sky, Montana by Dr. Karl Heinz Klee from Innsbruck, Austria.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n093
2 Mr. And Mrs Luwick Schroeder of Poland with Gustav Raaum, Chief measurer at the Innsbruck Winter Olympic Games, 1976.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n094
3 Jean at the Innsbruck gamesP0984 Jean Saubert Photograph Collectionp0984n01_02_08
4 1964 Olympic Biathlon Team. L-R: Olavie Alacupy, Paul Renne, Charlie Akers, Wayne Fleming, Bill Spencer.P0424 Bill Spencer Photograph CollectionP0424 n 1_01_07
5 Marvin Melville on the day of the Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremonies, Innsbruck, Austria, January 29, 1964.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_03_03
6 Jean Saubert, buses and athletes at the Winter Olympics, Innsbruck, Austria, 1964.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_03_04
7 Olympic ski racing course, Innsbruck, Austria, 1964.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_03_05
8 U.S. Olympic athletes and luggage, 1964. Marvin Melville, far leftP0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_03_07
9 1964 U.S. Olympic Ski Team in Innsbruck, Austria.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n2_01_01
10 1964 US Olympic Alpine TeamP0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n2_01_03
11 Alan Engen on Olympic IX Innsbruck '64 posterP0418 Wilburn and Jean Pickett Photograph CollectionP0418n1_13_07
12 Alan EngenP0418 Wilburn and Jean Pickett Photograph CollectionP0418n1_13_02
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