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1 U.S. Ski Team training in Vail, Colorado, circa 1963P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_04_01
2 Marvin Melville and Gene Timmons at Vail, CO, 1991.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_05_15
3 U.S. Masters National Ski Race, Vail, Colorado, 1991. In foreground, L - R: Dr. Gus Angelos, Marvin Melville.P0917 Marvin Alton Melville Photograph CollectionP0917n1_05_16
4 10th Mountain Division soldiers leading pack mules at Camp Hale. (8x10)P0950 University of Utah Ski Archives Photograph CollectionP0402n1_29_19
5 10th Mountain Division training. (8x10)P0950 University of Utah Ski Archives Photograph CollectionP0402n1_29_31
6 Ice skating judges at a Vail Competition, 1982.P0923 Ida Shimizu Tateoka Photograph CollectionP0923n1_02_57
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