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1 Ida Tateoka holding a koala bear.P0923 Ida Shimizu Tateoka Photograph CollectionP0923n1_03_82
2 Meteorologists holding skis, from Wragge's Observatory on the summit of Mt. Kosciusko, posing on the summit of nearby Mt. Townsend, Australia, 1898.P0929 William J. Roosen Photograph CollectionP0929n05
3 Pupils at the State School, Kiandra, Australia, in 1902. At left is teacher George Irwin. Throughout the winter, until the school was closed in 1924, the children had to travel by skis, and usually had races at lunch-time, during the morning recess, and after school.P0929 William J. Roosen Photograph CollectionP0929n06
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