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1 'A conversation to be had' on war and law: Obama's Nobel speech2009-12-24Text
2 A Federal Israel-Palestine: Ending 100 Years of Civil War in the Holy Land?2010-09-17Text
3 A Federal Israel-Palestine: Nonviolence and Law to End the 100-year Civil War2010-09-23Text
4 A legal manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet: Justice for Rafik Hariri and Moussa Sadr2009-07-09Text
5 A Technical, Economic, and Legal Assessment of North American Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, and Oil Shale Resources: In Response to Energy Policy Act of 2005 Section 369(p)2007-09Text
6 After Kosovo: Secession in the Middle East2010-09-02Text
7 Analysis of Environmental, Legal, Socioeconomic and Policy Issues Critical to the Development of Commercial Oil Shale Leasing on the Public Lands in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming under the Mandates of the Energy Policy Act of 20052010-01Text
8 Anti-Corruption Editorial Series From the Daily Star, Lebanon, News Page2010-01-27Text
9 Appels d'Europe à l'est de la Méditerranée2007Text
10 Automated Library Services: One Law Library's Experience2013-09Text
11 Aventures à Beyrouth1995Text
12 Beware of Sudan's Secessionist Demons2010-09-02Text
13 Biofuels-Snake Oil for the Twenty-First Century2008-12-01Text
14 Changing Sex Changing Sexuality: Is Queer Legal Theory for Kids? DOMA, Prop 8, and the Liberation of Children's Queerness2014-01-31Text
15 Changing the Law-Science Paradigm for Colorado River Restoration2008Text
16 Coddling Dictators is Annan's Bad Habit2012-06-08Text
17 Commercial Law in the Middle East: Between Classical Transactions and Modern Business2000-01Text
18 Conjunctive Surface and Groundwater Management in Utah: Implications for Oil Shale and Oil Sands Development2011-12Text
19 Controlling Greenhouse Gases from Highway Vehicles2011Text
20 Democracy As Unwavering Principle: World Wars and Failed Promises2003-11Text
21 Des Relations Privilégiées Entre L'Union Européenne Et Les Pays Voisins: Les Promesses De L'Article 8 Tue, À La Suite Du Traité De Lisbonne2012Text
22 Discovery Layers in Law Libraries: A progress report on how our institutions are implementing this new technology2011-12Text
23 Divergent Patterns of Engagement in Internet Standardization: Japan, Korea and ChinaText
24 Drought, Sustainability, and the Law2010-07-15Text
25 The Evolution of International Law: Colonial and Postcolonial Realities2006Text
1 - 25 of 82