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1 Map showing boundaries of Northern Paiute, Southern Paiute, Shoshone Bannock and Uteuaida_mainImage/StillImage
2 Map of Southern Paiute Bandsuaida_main
3 Map of Southern Paiute Territoryuaida_main
4 Map showing the boundary of the Shoshone Indian territory1941uaida_mainImage/StillImage
5 Map of Indian Reservations in the Western United Statesuaida_mainImage/StillImage
6 The Paiute Stripuaida_mainImage/StillImage
7 Southern Paiute Bandsuaida_mainImage/StillImage
8 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian Elementary Curriculum Guide; 4th Grade2009uaida_mainText
9 Contentsuaida_main
10 Journal of Two Campaigns by the Utah Territorial Militia Against the Navajo Indians, 18691961uaida_mainText
11 Map of Walker River Paiute Tribe Original Reservation Centennial 1874-19741874uaida_mainImage/StillImage
12 Boundary of Shoshone Indian Territory and Neighboring Tribes1957uaida_mainImage/StillImage
13 Map of Major Historical Trails of Southern Utahuaida_main
14 Map titled, "Utes and Their Neighbors"uaida_mainImage/StillImage
15 Pahute Indian Home Lands in 18501850uaida_mainImage/StillImage
16 Paiute Reservation Geothermal Resources Map2004-01-14uaida_mainImage/StillImage
17 Paiute Reservation Goethermal Resources Map2004-01-14uaida_mainImage/StillImage
18 Indian Names in Utah Geography1928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933uaida_mainText
19 Map of Western Indian Territory Before 1850uaida_mainImage/StillImage
20 Map of Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute Territoryuaida_mainImage/StillImage
21 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian Junior High Curriculum Guide2009uaida_mainText
22 Basis of American history, 1500-1900, by Livingston Farranduaida_mainImage/StillImage
23 Exploration of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake1936uaida_mainImage/StillImage
24 Map of Reservations of the Western United States and the Religions that Worked on the Reservations 1870's1873uaida_mainImage/StillImage
25 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian High School Curriculum Guide2009uaida_mainText
1 - 25 of 49