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1 A Better Way to Learn: In Situ Simulation for Hypersensitivity ReactionsStice-Goff, SarahEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
2 A Multidisciplinary Pathway for Community-Acquired Pneumonia with Rapid Conversion to Oral Therapy Improves Healthcare ValueCiarkowski, Claire; Timbrook, Tristan; Edholm, Karli; Hatton, Nathan; Hopkins, Christy; Thomas, Frank; Sanford, Matthew; Igumnova, Elena; Benefield, Russell; Kukhareva, Polina; Kawamoto, Ken; Spivak, EmilyEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
3 Challenges Faced by Newly Hired Diverse NursesSchmelter, Luanna; Garrett, Teresa; Pascoe, Anita; Voisard, BrendaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
4 Decreasing Falls Through Increasing Patient and Family Compliance with Fall Prevention Strategies on a Medical Oncology UnitWilkins, MarinaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
5 The Development of Neurocritical eLearning Modules for NICU Nurses and Neonatal Nurse PractitionersHearne, Jennifer; Rigby, MarilynEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
6 Diabetes Self-Management Education & Collaborative Goal Setting in Primary CareThurston, Ryan; Hamilton, Jennifer; Wallace, AndreaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
7 Early Sepsis Intervention and Education with EMS TeamsWoodruff, Whitney; Johnson, Emilie; Roll, Nathan; Bailey, Megan; Sanford, Matthew; Youngquist, ScottEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
8 Emergency Department Cardiac Arrest and the Nurse Led CodeJohnson, Emilie; Sanford, Matthew; Youngquist, Scott; Roll, Nathan; Woodruff, Whitney; Bailey, Megan; Troyer, Jamie; Eliason, Justin; Gauci, EmmaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
9 Evaluation of Antibiotic Prescribing at University-Affiliated Dental ClinicsSpivak, Emily; Winkler, James; Dixon, Barbara; Pinzon, Lilliam; Al Dulaimi, Dania; Nevers, McKenna; Junger, Michele; Fleming-Dutra, Katherine; Madaras-Kelly, Karl; Samore, MatthewEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
10 Fall Classification CrosswalkUniversity of Utah HealthEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
11 The Feasibility of an Electronic Informed Consent for a Minimal -Risk StudyChiu, YinShun; Gee, Alexandra; Guo, Jia-WenEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
12 Frontline Leadership Development: Investing in the Skillset and Responsibilities of Nursing LeadersNursing Leadership Principles ProgramEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
13 Hospital Nurse Educators: Strategies To Improve Satisfaction and RetentionGauthier, KristyEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
14 Impact of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Intervention in Patients with Uncomplicated Gram-Negative BacteraemiaErickson, Reaghan; Tritle, Brandon; Spivak, Emily; Timbrook, TristanEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
15 The Impact of Cultural Competency Education on Attitudes of Nursing Staff Towards Transgender and Non-Binary PatientsCasselman, BryanEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
16 Impact of Early Maternal/Newborn Clinical Practice on First Semester Nursing StudentsReeves, Denise; Armstrong, Cheryl; Madden, ConnieEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
17 Implementation of a State Wide Burn Care and Mass Casualty Course (BCMCC)Newman, Annette; McCulley, Kevin; Lewis, GiovanniEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
18 Implementation of IV Pump Integration into Hazardous Drug AdministrationLee, Sunghee; Hambly, Medalit; Asay, MarieEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
19 Implementation of Pump Integration and Administration Standardization of Chemotherapy Across a SystemBanner, Melissa; Wright, Melissa; Asay, Marie; Lee, SungheeEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
20 Improvement of Rapid Response Training in the Urgent CareHorito, Breanna; Hall, SusanEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
21 Improving "Brain Attack" Response at the VALocke, Brian; Brown, Wade; Carr, Jason; Meyer, Chelsea; Eleazer, PaulEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
22 Intermittent Catheterization Education Toolkit and Competency ChecklistLynch, Nicole; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Brown, Alissa Houseman, DanielleEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
23 Organizational Levers: A Model For Stabilizing the Nursing WorkforceHofmann, LindaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
24 The Power of Sharing the Love: Creating a Free PrEP Clinic to Prevent HIV InfectionGarrett, Bruce; Spivak, Adam; Keeshin, SusanaEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
25 Process Mapping RCT Study Start-UpKay, Marie; Hartford, Diane; Boi, Luca; Burr, Jeri; Dean, MichaelEvidence Based Practice Posters - 2019
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