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1 Park range atmospheric water resources program1969wwdl_booksText
2 Report on the Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah, with Atlas1879; 1880wwdl_booksText
3 War for the Colorado River Volume II; Above Lee's Ferry1966wwdl_booksText
4 War for the Colorado River; The California-Arizona Controversy1965wwdl_booksText
5 Water Rights Law in the Nineteen Western States Volume II1974wwdl_booksText
6 Water rights laws in the nineteen Western States : Volume 31977wwdl_booksText
7 Water rights laws in the nineteen western states, Vol. 11971wwdl_booksText
8 Wetland mitigation: toward maintaining the integrity of the nation's waters2006wwdl_booksText
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