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1 Declaration of Edith C. Tallmon for the voyage on S.S. Ecuador from San Francisco in June 19181918-06-19uum_sbtsText
2 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 2uum_sbtsText
3 Letter dated 5 May 1916 by Ben F. Sargent, en route to China1916-05-05uum_sbtsText
4 Letter dated 24 April 1908 from Susan Tallmon to the "Ellis girls"1908-04-24uum_sbtsText
5 Letter dated 18 January 1908 from Susan Tallmon to "Pet," a former schoolmate1908-01-18uum_sbtsText
6 Letter dated 2 October 1908 from Susan Tallman to her family1908-10-02uum_sbtsText
7 Girls' School report, Lintsing, Shantung, China, Feb. 18-June 19, 19191919-06-19uum_sbtsText
8 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 5uum_sbtsText
9 A Year of building1916uum_sbtsText
10 Letter dated 30 September 1925 from Emery W. Ellis to Vinton P. Eastman1925-09-30uum_sbtsText
11 Letter dated 24 March 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1921-03-24uum_sbtsText
12 Hymns from students of the class of 18991899uum_sbtsText
13 Letter written 16-19 May 1916 at Kobe, Japan, by Edith Tallmon1916-05uum_sbtsText
14 Letter dated 25 January 1932 from Isabelle Phelps to Edith Tallmon Parksuum_sbtsText
15 Letter written 14-19 June 1916 from Ben F. Sargent at PeiTai Ho, China1916-06uum_sbtsText
16 Susan B. Tallmon Sargent address book: additions, set 2uum_sbtsText
17 Letter dated 15 June 1936 from Altie C. Galt to friends, page 21936-06-15uum_sbtsText
18 Letter begun 9 March 1908 from Susan Tallmon to her family1908-03-09uum_sbtsText
19 Letter begun 24 August 1921 from Edith C. Tallmon to her family1921-08-24; 1921-08-30; 1921-08-31uum_sbtsText
20 History of fifty years : Woman's Board of Missions for the Pacific, and Program of Jubilee meetings1923uum_sbtsText
21 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 11926uum_sbtsText
22 Letter dated 31 August 1920 from an American missionary at Paotingfu, China1920-08-31uum_sbtsText
23 Letter dated 22 July 1936 from Altie C. Galt to Grace M. Breck1936-07-22uum_sbtsText
24 Letter dated 5 September 1905 from Mary Williams Heningway at Kalgan, China1904-09-05uum_sbtsText
25 Note from L.D.B. to Susan Tallmon after her engagement1915; 1916uum_sbtsText
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