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1 1107-3-11 017uum_sbtsText
2 A Baby party at Lintsing, Shantung, China1930uum_sbtsText
3 A birthday celebration1927uum_sbtsText
4 A China travelogue1933-08uum_sbtsText
5 A county-wide vaccination campaign in Lintsing, Shantung1930uum_sbtsText
6 A day with the girls at School of Many Friends, Lintsing, Shantung, China1923uum_sbtsText
7 A Fire at Lintsing1916-10uum_sbtsText
8 A Letter about the Kalgan Meetings, February 19081908-02uum_sbtsText
9 A Medical chapter: text dated 19 February 19171917-02-19uum_sbtsText
10 A Moving Report: the potential Williams Hospital for men, Porter Hospital for Women, Tehchow, Shantung, China1914uum_sbtsText
11 A Reverie (poem by Mame Nesbit Haynes for Mrs. Ida Blochman, 23 December 1932)1932-12-23uum_sbtsText
12 A Schoolmaster's letters1934uum_sbtsText
13 A week's work in a Woman's Hospitaluum_sbtsText
14 A wonderful week1926uum_sbtsText
15 A Year of building1916uum_sbtsText
16 About the Ellis Christian Training School, American Board Mission, Lintsing, Shantung, China1930-01-13uum_sbtsText
17 Account dated 14 January 1908 of Christian meetings and conversions in Lintsing, China1908-01-14uum_sbtsText
18 Account of a houseboat trip on the Grand Canal near Pei Tai He, China1906uum_sbtsText
19 Accounting records from June 1917 by Dr Susan Tallmon Sargent1917-06uum_sbtsText
20 Accounts 1920: Edith C. Tallmon financial records1920uum_sbtsText
21 Accounts 1920: Susan B. Tallmon Sargent financial records1920uum_sbtsText
22 Accounts record of Edith C. Tallmon, 19201920uum_sbtsText
23 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 11926uum_sbtsText
24 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 21927uum_sbtsText
25 Additional pages from Susan and Ben Sargent guest book, set 31928; 1930uum_sbtsText
1 - 25 of 797