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1 "Alternative energy: global requirements for the 21st Century: one engineer's perspective," by Wayne R. Gould, Manager, Dispersed Energy Applications, Southern California Edison Company1997uum_mlpImage
2 "Catharsis," paintings by Briana Benson, Level 2, Grand Staircase; "Silence in Motion," paintings by Michael Bernard, Level 2, Fine Arts Library2005uum_mlpImage
3 "Equal to anything in the world": Audubon's quadrupeds and the observation of natural history2016uum_mlpImage
4 "Global warming: just hot air?" by Dr. David S. Chapman, Professor, University of Utah: Seventh Annual lecture, William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life1998uum_mlpImage
5 "I Had Arrived at Perfection: the lost canyons of the Green River" by Roy Dale Webb2012uum_mlpImage
6 "Space Age Technology: perspectives on the Earth and Solar System," by Dr. Edward C. Stone : Fifth Annual Lecture, William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life1996uum_mlpImage
7 "Using disruptive innovation to create new growth": Fourteenth Annual Lecture, William R. and Erlyn J. Gould Distinguished Lecture on Technology and the Quality of Life, Noon, March 29, 2006 [by] Clayton M. Christensen2006uum_mlpImage
8 26th Annual Ski Affair Gala: Tuesday, November 1st, 6:00 P.M., Little America Hotel, honoring S.J. Quinney Award recipient Gary Deseelhorst and History-Maker Award recipient Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation2016uum_mlpImage/StillImage
9 4th Annual Technology & Teaching Day, an all day even. When: January 3rd, 2014...2014uum_mlpImage/StillImage
10 5th Annual Utah Integrative Health and Resiliency Conference: Join us at the J. Willard Marriott Library, March 14-15, 20162016uum_mlpImage/StillImage
11 5th Annual Utah_Intergrative Health and Resiliency Conference: join us at the J. Willard Marriott Library March 14 - 15, 20162016uum_mlpImage
12 ACCESS: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary for the ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics2011uum_mlpImage/StillImage
13 AIGA: 50 Books, 50 Covers. A juried selection of the best-designed books & covers published in 2009. July 22-Sept. 2, 2009.2009uum_mlpImage/StillImage
14 AIGA: 50 Books, 50 Covers. The 50 best-designed books and book covers of 2008. June 18-Aug. 13, 20082008uum_mlpImage/StillImage
15 ARTLandish: Land art, landscape, and the environment: land art on film2016uum_mlpImage/StillImage
16 ARTiculation: creative interdisciplinary conversations.2015uum_mlpImage/StillImage
17 ATK's Rocket Garden: Representations of militarism in Utah's deserts: a photo exhibition2016uum_mlpImage/StillImage
18 Adventures in Anthropology. Featured Lecturer Duncan Metcalfe: "Range Creek Canyon: Past, Present, and Future."2011uum_mlpImage/StillImage
19 African-American philosophy.2017uum_mlpImage/StillImage
20 Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive Lecture: Save Everything!: reflections of a historian on archives of the future, Dianne Harris, Dean, College of Humanities, Professor of History, University of Utah:2017uum_mlpImage/StillImage
21 All U need: Hooplaza: Join us under the big top! September 9, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, at the Library Plaza.2015uum_mlpImage/StillImage
22 Alphabets of Creation: Libraries, mysticism, poetics, a lecture featuring poet & professor Peter Cole, Yale University ... Wednesday, October 212015uum_mlpImage/StillImage
23 Anatomy.TV, powered by Primal Pictures.2017uum_mlpImage/StillImage
24 Announcing the Kristen Ries & C. Maggie Snyder HIV/AIDS Archive naming celebration, Wednesday, September 30, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m., J. Williard Marriott Library, Gould Auditorium, Level 12015uum_mlpImage/StillImage
25 Announcing the Kristen Ries & C. Maggie Snyder HIV/AIDS Archive. Naming Celebration2015uum_mlpImage/StillImage
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