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1 Figure 06: The Deep Creek Mountains1939Image/StillImage
2 Figure 39: The completed cradle board1939Image/StillImage
3 Figure 13: Petroglyph in the Simpson Mountains1939Image/StillImage
4 Figure 16: Archaeological sites along the east bank of Fifteen-Mile Creek near the Goshute {sic} Reservation Agency Headquarters1939Image/StillImage
5 Figure 20: Photograph of the type of fence used by the Gosiute in the building of an antelope corral1939Image/StillImage
6 Figure 25: Exterior view of a Gosiute House1939Image/StillImage
7 Figure 26: Interior view of a Gosiute house showing roof construction1939Image/StillImage
8 Figure 35: Berry Basket, Deep Creek Gosiute1939Image/StillImage
9 Figure 57: Coiled water jug made by a Deep Creek Gosiute "go go south in"1939Image/StillImage
10 Figure 01: Skull Valley, view from the northwest at, or near Timpie Junction. Jedediah Smith in 1827 climed {sic} the knob in the distance and obtained a glimpse of the Great Salt Lake1939Image/StillImage
11 Figure 02: Knolls, Utah. View southwest. This locality is on the eastern edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert1939Image/StillImage
12 Figure 08a: Some modern means of subsistence: weaving a cradle board for sale1939Image/StillImage
13 Figure 12: Outcropping in the Simpson Mountains on which petroglyphs may be found1939Image/StillImage
14 Figure 15: Pictographs in Tunnel Canyon1939Image/StillImage
15 Figure 17: Locality of archaeological sites on the west bank of Fifteen-Mile Creek opposite the Gosiute Village. View north1939Image/StillImage
16 Figure 18: The western limit of the Gosiute, the east slope of the Steptoe Mountains in Nevada. View south toward Spring Valley1939Image/StillImage
17 Figure 21: Meat drying on a line hung between two shade trees. Photograph from Deep Creek1939Image/StillImage
18 Figure 22: Some modern means of subsistence: c. growing alfalfa and other products for Gosiute consumption1939Image/StillImage
19 Figure 23: Framework of a Deep Creek "Little House" with a piece of Canvas Still Attached After it was Abandoned. The Tent in the Background was used as the Family Dwelling1939Image/StillImage
20 Figure 24: Distant view of a Gosiute house showing a conical "Little House" to the right. A cellar is located on the opposite side1939Image/StillImage
21 Figure 31: Scraping willows in preparation for weaving1939Image/StillImage
22 Figure 32: Coiled Basket with bead design woven into it. Made by a Deep Creek Gosiute, 19391939Image/StillImage
23 Figure 34: Carrying basket with canvas bottom1939Image/StillImage
24 Figure 37: Coiled water jug made by a Deep Creek Gosiute. "Go go south in"1939Image/StillImage
25 Figure 42: Burial No.1, Deep Creek1939Image/StillImage
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