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1 First schoolhouse and church in Bluff, Utah, 1880.P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_01
2 "Artician Well no. 3, Bluff Utah, 100 gal. per minute" near the Navajo Twins Towers.P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_02
3 Artesian Well no. 1.P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_03
4 "Goodridges oil well No. 1, San Juan oil fields, Utah Struck high grade oil here March 4, 1908."P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_04
5 "Members of the Bluff City Precilla Club investigating the 'Cause Why' of oil drilling machinery."P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_05
6 "Camp under the arch of the Caroline Natural Bridge White Canyon, Utah"P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_06
7 "Navajo Indians around a council fire, trying to hide their faces from the photographer Bluff, Utah"P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_07
8 "16 Room house of the Ancient Cave - Cliff Dwellers, - Bluff, Utah February 25, 1896 no. 54"P0214 Bluff, Utah Photograph CollectionP0214n01_01_08
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