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1 Spanish Influenza Rapidly SpreadingWashington County News1918-10-31
2 A Possible Recurrence of Influenza Predicted during This Fall and WinterVernal Express1919-10-10
3 Possible Recurrence of Influenza Predicted for WinterVernal Express1919-10-03
4 Influenza Can be PreventedVernal Express1918-12-06
5 Quarantine Against Salt Lake is Again in Sight If Flu in Capital Continues to SpreadOgden Daily Standard1918-12-28
6 Bigger Swath in U. S. Mowed by InfluenzaSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-19
7 New Preventive for Influenza DiscoveredSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-20
8 Spanish Influenza is Being InvestigatedSalt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-14
9 For Influenza Victims 400 Flasks of WhiskeyBingham Bulletin1918-11-08
10 Influenza Warning is Issued by the AuthoritiesOgden Daily Standard1919-09-19
11 Brilliant Minister Victim of InfluenzaOgden Daily Standard1920-03-02
12 Influenza Situation About Same in OgdenOgden Daily Standard1920-01-27
13 flu Crazed Husband Kills Wife and ChildOgden Daily Standard1920-01-31
14 Influenza Epidemic Playing Havoc with all Kinds of SportsSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-20
15 Blue Reports on InfluenzaSalt Lake Tribune1918-09-14
16 Influenza SerumsSalt Lake Tribune1919-09-11
17 Spanish Influenza More Deadly than WarSalt Lake Telegram1918-12-13
18 Court in Open Air to Fight influenzaSalt Lake Telegram1918-11-01
19 Influenza in ParisSalt Lake Tribune1919-11-03
20 'FLU" Epidemic will be MilderGunnison Valley News1919-10-10
21 The Influenza SituationBox Elder News Journal1920-02-13
22 Spanish Influenza --- What it is and How it Should be TreatedRichfield Reaper1918-11-02
23 Physicians Are Called Too SoonRichfield Reaper1918-10-26
24 Red Cross Will Fight InfluenzaPiute Chieftain1918-10-10
25 Hit Influenza at Its SourceDuchesne Record1920-05-13
1 - 25 of 1,172