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1 Another Stockton Man Dies of the "Flu"Tooele Transcript Bulletin1920-02-20
2 Many Flu Case in CopperfieldBingham Bulletin1918-11-15
3 Dan Potovich Dies in Frange of 'Flu'Bingham Bulletin1918-11-22
4 Mona Heaston is Very Sick with the FluBingham Bulletin1918-11-29
5 Last Stages of Flu Will be More SevereBingham Bulletin1918-11-29
6 Local NewsTooele Transcript Bulletin1920-04-09
7 Lark Mining Man Dies of "Flu"Bingham Bulletin1918-11-08
8 Few New Influenza Cases-Health Conditions Somewhat Improved Schools Will Not Open until Feb. 23American Fork Citizen1920-02-14
9 Flu Situation ImprovingTooele Transcript Bulletin1920-02-13
10 Flu Situation Much ImprovedAmerican Fork Citizen1920-02-28
11 Influenza-Pneumonia Causes Death of Little BabyAmerican Fork Citizen1920-03-06
12 Dr. Middleton's Open Letter on Flu SituationBingham Bulletin1918-12-06
13 Spanish "Flu" is in CampBingham Bulletin1918-10-18
14 Not Much Flu in BinghamBingham Bulletin1918-10-25
15 Flu Practically Stamped OutPark Record1918-12-13
16 Regarding InfluenzaPark Record1920-01-30
17 Local "Flu" SituationPark Record1919-01-31
18 Report on InfluenzaPark Record1918-12-20
19 Recorder's Financial StatementPark Record1920-01-30
20 107 New Cases Day Salt Lake Lifted Influenza BanBingham Bulletin1918-12-13
21 Flu Situation HopefulPark Record1918-12-06
22 City Council Resolves to Stamp out "Flu"Park Record1918-11-22
23 To Ward off Epidemic of InfluenzaPark Record1918-10-11
24 The "Flu"Park Record1918-11-01
25 Funeral Held for A. A. Thomas FridayLogan Republican1919-11-04
1 - 25 of 1,172