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1 Utah state water plan: Utah Lake Basin, 19971997-12Text
2 Utah's water supplyText
3 Utah state water plan: Cedar/Beaver Basin 19951993Text
4 Utah state water plan: Jordan River Basin 19971997Text
5 Utah state water plan: Kanab Creek/ Virgin River Basin 19931993Text
6 Assessing ground-water vulnerability to contamination: providing scientifically defensible information for decision makers2001Text
7 Initial-phase investigation of multi-dimensional streamflow simulations in the Colorado River, Moab Valley, Grand County, Utah, 20042005Text
8 Ground-water quality in the carbonate-rock aquifer of the Great Basin, Nevada and Utah, 20032006Text
9 Evaluation of the ground-water flow model for northern Utah Valley, Utah, updated to conditions through 20022006Text
10 Hydraulic and geomorphic monitoring of experimental bridge scour mitigation at selected bridges in Utah, 2003-052006Text
11 Ground-water movement and water quality in Lake Point, Tooele County, Utah 1999-20032006Text
12 Characterization of dissolved solids in water resources of agricultural lands near Manila, Utah 2004-052007-06Text
13 Methane gas concentration in soils and ground water, Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah 1995-20032006Text
14 Water quality in the Bear River Basin of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming prior to and following snowmelt runoff in 20012006Text
15 Methods for estimating magnitude and frequency of peak flows for natural streams in Utah2007-10-04Text
16 Utah state water plan: Southeast Colorado River Basin, 20002000-10Text
17 Utah state water plan: Sevier River Basin, 19991999-06Text
18 Utah state water plan: Uintah Basin, 19991999-12Text
19 Changes in streamflow timing in the western United States in recent decades2005-03Text
20 Pre- and post-reservoir ground-water conditions and assessment of artificial recharge at Sand Hollow, Washington County, Utah, 1995-20052005Text
21 Water resources data: Utah: water year 20022003Text
22 Ground-water conditions in Utah: spring of 20062006Text
23 Water conservation tipsText
24 What is storm water?Text
25 Drought in Utah: learning from the past - preparing for the future2007-04Text
1 - 25 of 90