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1 1st Squad of 3rd Platoon of 310th Infantry Regiment, 78th Division2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
2 3rd Platoon of 310th Infantry Regiment, 78th Division2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
3 Andersen World War II Uniform Jacket2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
4 Army Exchange Ration card for European Theater2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
5 Bombed Reichstag Parliament Building in Berlin Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
6 Bombed and Damaged Brandenburg Gate2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
7 Bombed building in Berlin Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
8 Camp Wolters Photo2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
9 Captured boar in Burghausengen Forest2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
10 Charlie and Soldiers at Le Havre2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
11 Christmas Tree at 310th Infantry Headquarters2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
12 Day Planner Diary2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
13 Embarkation Sign to Return to US at Le Havre2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
14 Fighting First Squad in Mengeringhausen, Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
15 Foot Soldier Postcard2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
16 Foot Soldiers Goofing around Off duty2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
17 Foot Soldiers off duty "As I had just gotten out of bed."2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
18 Foot Soldiers winter lodgings2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
19 Guard Mount at 310th Infantry Headquarters2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
20 Infantry map to Berlin2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
21 Monument to the Allied Leaders in Berlin Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
22 Olympic Stadium after the war in Berlin Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
23 Phil Andersen Portrait2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
24 Phil Andersen and Friends at Le Havre2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
25 Phil Andersen at the Hercules Castle at Kassel Germany2004uu_lslImage/StillImage
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