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1 1962 Bachelor of Laws Certificate for Leonard H. Russon1962Image/StillImage
2 Portrait of Leonard H. Russon at the Utah Supreme Court1990Image/StillImage
3 Leonard H. Russon's Boyhood Friends1950Image/StillImage
4 Leonard H. Russon, East High School Distinguished Alumnus2012Image/StillImage
5 Snow College Convocation, circa 19901990Image/StillImage
6 Leonard H. Russon1990Image/StillImage
7 1961 Certificate of membership Certificate for the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity1961Image/StillImage
8 Leonard H. Russon Utah Law License, 19631963Image/StillImage
9 Leonard H. Russon California Law License, 19631963Image/StillImage
10 Leonard H. Russon and Group with Justice Clarence Thomas2012Image/StillImage
11 1984 District Court Judge Certification for Leonard H. Russon1984Image/StillImage
12 1991 Deseret News Article on Judge Leonard Russon1991Image/StillImage
13 Leonard H. Russon with Court Staff1990Image/StillImage
14 Utah Appellate Court Judges1995Image/StillImage
15 Leonard H. Russon with Group1990Image/StillImage
16 Newspaper Clippings, Leonard H. Russon Supreme Court Nomination1994Image/StillImage
17 Obituary for Leonard H. Russon 1933-20232023Image/StillImage
18 Utah Supreme Court Justices, 20002000Image/StillImage
19 Utah Supreme Court Justices, 20032003Image/StillImage
20 Utah Supreme Court Justices, 19981998Image/StillImage
21 Utah Supreme Court Justices, 19951995Image/StillImage
22 Utah Supreme Court Justices, 19951995Image/StillImage
23 Utah Supreme Court Justices at the State Senate2000Image/StillImage
24 Utah Appellate Court Justices1994Image/StillImage
25 Leonard Russon Taking Oath of Office at the Utah Supreme Court1994Image/StillImage
1 - 25 of 5,829