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1 Sherlock imaging spectrometer for flare gas imaging and analysis2009-05-21uu_afrcText
2 2011 AFRC combustion symposium attendees2011-09-20uu_afrcText
3 Flare liquid seal drum surging: prediction, prevention and proof2004uu_afrcText
4 Flaring of gas mixtures containing H2S2008uu_afrcText
5 Scaling of flare flame emissions2010uu_afrcText
6 Mid-80's USEPA study of the efficiency of industrial flares- the real story from the Principal Investigator AFRC/JERC Pacific Rim Combustion Symposium2010-09uu_afrcText
7 AFRC 2009 international flare consortium update2009uu_afrcText
8 Conference Agenda - 1980 International Symposium Industrial Process Combustion Technology1980uu_afrcText
9 AFRC 2008 international flare consortium update2008uu_afrcText
10 Application of ISIS computer code to gas flares under varying wind conditions2006uu_afrcText
11 CFD analysis of liquid seal design2011uu_afrcText
12 Purge rates: husa compared to CFD2006uu_afrcText
13 Assessment of Flare Smokeless Capacity Estimation Techniques2016-09-14uu_afrcText
14 Carbon Monoxide Emission Control with Radiation Pyrometer2016-09-13uu_afrcText
15 Combustion Efficiency Performance Evaluation of a Variable Speed Drive Air-Assisted Flare using Passive FTIR2016-09-13uu_afrcText
16 Comparison of Three Methods to Monitor Flare Combustion Efficiency2016-09-13uu_afrcText
17 Flare Event-Comparison of Dispersion Modeling Approaches and Outcomes Regarding Benzene Formation and Dispersion2016-09-12uu_afrcText
18 Open Ground Flare Systems2011-09-20uu_afrcText
19 Opportunities for optical flame diagnostics in commercial and industrial furnaces2016-09-12uu_afrcText
20 Safe Operation of Adjacent Multi-Point Ground Flares: Predicted and Measured Flame Radiation in Cross Flow Wind Conditions2016-09-14uu_afrcText
21 Numerical Analysis of NO and CO in a Flameless Burner2016-09-12uu_afrcText
22 Refinery Sector Rule Focus on Flare Combustion Control Parameters2016-09-13uu_afrcText
23 New Approach to Improving Reliability of Crude Heaters2016-09-12uu_afrcText
24 Recent Developments and Current Insights in Ethylene Flare Technology: The Impact of Burner Design Vent Gas Variability and Ancillary Equipment2016-09-13uu_afrcText
25 Part II: Deployment of Continuous Online Monitoring of Tube Metal Temperature at the Holly Frontier Refinery Depropanizer Reboiler2016-09-13uu_afrcText
1 - 25 of 825