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1 The "Comburimetre" and its Use in Combustion Control1986
2 20 MMBtu/h FIR Burner Test Results: High Efficiency and Very Low NOx with No FGR1997TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Develop a very low emissions, natural gas-fired burner for new and retrofit applications to industrial and utility watertube boilers and process fluid heaters in the range of 1.2 to 35 MWth (4 to 120 X 10^6 Btu/h)
3 2011 AFRC combustion symposium attendees2011-09-20
4 A Chemical Kinetic Modeling Study of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Combustion1990
5 A Combined Experimental and Numerical Approach to the Design of an Industrial Ultra Low NOx Natural Gas Fired Burner1996
6 A comparative study of gray and non-gray methods of computing gas absorption coefficients and its effect on the numberical predictions of oxy-fuel combustionComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are performed to model the radiation process in natural gas fired furnaces using different gray and non-gray radiation models. Simulations of two representative furnace cases (HTAC and OXYFLAM) were performed and the computed radiative fluxes compared w...
7 A Differential Ultraviolet Resonant Absorption System for the Non-Intrusive Measurement of Nitric Oxide in a Combustion Environment1983
8 A Dynamic Thermal System Model For a Low Inertia Furnace1997
9 A Heated Grid Study of the Pyrolysis/Oxidation Competition During Ignition of Coal Dust1982
10 A Laboratory-Scale Furnace to Study Ash Deposition and Fouling Due to Pulverized Coal Combustion1988
11 A Low Emissions, Lean Premixed Burner1995
12 A Low-NOx Burner Prototype Developed for B&W's Advanced Coal Fired Emission Boiler System1996
13 A Low-NOx High-DRE Burner for Co-firing Liquid Waste with Natural Gas1995
14 A Method For Extending Viscosity Prediction Formulas1983
15 A New Approach to Combined Cross Correlation and Flicker Frequency Flame Monitoring for Very Low NOx Pulverised Fuel Burners1997
16 A New Turbulent Combustion Model Based on Flame Surface Density Concept1997
17 A New Ultra Low NOx Combustion Technique for Preheated Combustion Air Applications1994
18 A New Ultra Low NOx Combustion Technique for Preheated Combustion Air Applications1993
19 A Non-Intrusive Sodium Line Emission Pyrometer for Coal Combustor Temperature Measurement1985
20 A novel method of waste heat recovery from high temperature furnaces to create radiative flameless combustion2009One of the largest heat losses in high temperature furnaces is the loss of flue gas enthalpy. Currently, up to 60% of the heating value of natural gas (or any other fuel) used in high temperature furnaces is lost via the flue gases. This work discusses the benefits and technology of re-circulating t...
21 A Numerical Simulation Methodology and its Application in Natural Gas Burner Design1986
22 A Numerical Study of Entrained Coal Gasification with The Conchas Spray Code1985
23 A Numerical Study of the Effects of Biomass Coal Cofiring on Unburned Carbon and NOx Emissions1999
24 A Reduced Mechanism for Low-Heating-Value Gas Combustion in a Perfectly Stirred Reactor1995
25 A Study of the Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine with Modifications to Enhance Atomization Using Alternative Fuels1983
1 - 25 of 927