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1 AFRCAFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05
2 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Benson, Charles; Pellizzari, Roberto; Marty, Seth; Young, Thomas; Isaacs, Rex; Renk, JosephDevelopment of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06
3 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Lowe, Cliff; Brancaccio, Nick; Erazo, Jaime; Baukal, Charles E. Jr.; Patel, RasikOxy-Firing Tests in a Simulated Process Heater2012-09-06
4 AFRCCall for Papers2012-09-05
5 Schalles, DavidRegenerative Heat Recovery/Burner System as a replacement for Conventional Recuperators2012-09-06
6 Lam, C.S.; Ramadan, O.B.; Hughes, P.M.; Wong, J.; Lycett, R.Novel Methods for Measuring Heat Flux in Industrial Furnaces2012-09-06
7 Heat transfer enhancement in a cracking furnace: radiant coil modification2012-09-06
8 Ramadan, O.B.; Lam, C.S.; Hughes, P.M.; Gogolek, P.; Wong, J.Radiant Flux Measurements in the Pilot-Scale IFRF-NFA Burner Operating in a High CO2 Environment at Different Swirl Settings2012-09-06
9 Bodine, SteveSecond Generation FurnaceMANAGER System Improves Furnace Monitoring2012-09-06
10 Dobrzanski, AndrewFiring Alternative Fuels in a Utility Power Plant2012-09-07
11 Fry, Andrew; Van Otten, Brydger; Adams, BradEvaluating the Impacts of an Oxy-­‐combustion Retrofit of Coal-­‐fired Utility Boilers using Advanced Modeling Techniques2012-09-06
12 Preciado, Ignacio; Young, Tessora; Silcox, Geoffrey; Wendt, Jost; Van Otten, Brydger; Fry, AndrewMercury oxidation by halogens under air-fired and oxy-fuel conditions2012-09-06
13 Eddings, Eric; Vance, Andrew; Okerlund, Ryan; Hanks, Dallas; Coates, Ralph; Bell, ScottCo-firing Pulverized Coal with Pinion Pine/Juniper Wood in Raw, Torrefied and Pyrolyzed Forms2012-09-07
14 Periasamy, Chendhil; Sadasivuni, Vijaykant; Kaiser, Ken; Liedel, Scott; Tsiava, RemiOH* Imaging in Large Industrial Oxy-Fuel Flames with Flue Gas Recirculation2012-09-07
15 Lighty, JoAnn S.; Sahir, Asad H.; Whitty, Kevin; Clayton, ChrisChemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) Studies at the University of Utah2012-09-07
16 Rezaei, Dadmehr; Wendt, Jost O.L.Co-Axial Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Directed Oxygen Injection2012-09-06
17 Pohl, John H.; Tait, Peter;Southwood, ScottInvestigation of Particulate Emission from a Malaysian Power Plant Firing Australian Coal2012-09-07
18 Tillman, David A.Using On-Line Coal Analysis to Optimize Combustion in Utility Boilers: a 10-yr Program at Monroe Power Plant2012-09-07
19 Londerville, Steve; McElroy, MikeConversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07
20 Isaac, Benjamin; Smith, Sean; Parente, Alessandro; Thornock, Jeremy; Smith, PhilipPractical Application of Large Eddy Simulation to Accessible Combustion Chemistry Physics2012-09-06
21 Martin, MatthewEarly-Stage Development of an Advanced Industrial Scale Multipoint Flare Burner2013-09-24Paper from the AFRC 2013 conference titled Early-Stage Development of an Advanced Industrial Scale Multipoint Flare Burner by Matthew Martin.
22 Richardson, AndrewLinde's Combustion Test Facility2013-09-25Paper from the AFRC 2013 conference titled Linde's Combustion Test Facility by Andrew Richardson
23 Platvoet, ErwinImproved Burner Air Inlet Design & Control2013-09-24Paper from the AFRC 2013 conference titled Improved Burner Air Inlet Design & Control by Erwin Platvoet
24 Cresci, EnricoFlameless Oxidation in a Wide Variety of Applications2013-09-23Paper from the AFRC 2013 conference titled Flameless Oxidation in a Wide Variety of Applications by Enrico Cresci.
25 Niksa, StephenPredicting Detailed Product Distributions For Pyrolysis of Diverse Forms of Biomass2013-09-23Paper from the AFRC 2013 conference titled Predicting Detailed Product Distributions For Pyrolysis of Diverse Forms of Biomass by Stephen Niksa
1 - 25 of 1,105