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1 City Council Meeting1970-05-14ucl_vepImage/StillImage
2 Vernal 6th Ward Bazaar1970-04-03ucl_vepImage/StillImage
3 Utah Valley Old Car Club Visits Vernal1970-06-04ucl_vepImage/StillImage
4 Senior Citizens Try New Lunch Program1970-05-21ucl_vepImage/StillImage
5 County Officials Participated in EOTS Exercise1970-04-02ucl_vepImage/StillImage
6 Audiologist Assesses Infant Hearing Response1968-01-18ucl_vepImage/StillImage
7 Philip J. Steele Judges Dinosaurland Art Festival Winners1971-05-13ucl_vepImage/StillImage
8 Secretary Morton Assures Oil Shale Rights to Utes1971-10-14ucl_vepImage/StillImage
9 Russell Montgomery Lands 10.5lb Trout1971-12-30ucl_vepImage/StillImage
10 Four Generations of Turners1971-09-30ucl_vepImage/StillImage
11 A New Pool Table for the Golden Age Center1970-02-26ucl_vepImage/StillImage
12 Plaque Honoring Memory of H. LeRoy Morrill1971-10-21ucl_vepImage/StillImage
13 Five Generations1971-03-04ucl_vepImage/StillImage
14 Mrs. May Jorgensen and Her Garden1965-07-22ucl_vepImage/StillImage
15 LeVern Pope Adams Celebrates 82nd Birthday1970-06-18ucl_vepImage/StillImage
16 Henry Schaefermeyer Retires1971-12-09ucl_vepImage/StillImage
17 State Woolgrower Officials Attend Local Convention1970-03-19ucl_vepImage/StillImage
18 Gwendola Slade Operates Bottle Washing Machine1971-09-16ucl_vepImage/StillImage
19 Betty Hein Honored at Vernal Funeral Services1970-03-26ucl_vepImage/StillImage
20 Girl Scout Cadettes Visit Stewart Nursing Home1970-02-19ucl_vepImage/StillImage
21 Keith Smith Gets Award for Early Cabin1971-02-04ucl_vepImage/StillImage
22 Retiring Teachers at Ashley Elementary1970-05-07ucl_vepImage/StillImage
23 Petroleum Lecturer Visits Vernal1971-09-09ucl_vepImage/StillImage
24 Lions Club Presents Daggett County Nurse with Check1970-02-19ucl_vepImage/StillImage
25 Harry W. Fieldsted Gifts Television1971-02-11ucl_vepImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 11,968