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1 UJHS Students on Mexican Tour1974-07-04Image/StillImage
2 Superior Tire-B.F. Goodrich Golf Classic1974-07-18Image/StillImage
3 Superior Tire-B.F. Goodrich Golf Classic1974-07-18Image/StillImage
4 Ashley Creek Bridge's Prestressed Concrete Trusses1974-07-18Image/StillImage
5 Ashley Creek Concrete Bridge Finished1974-07-18Image/StillImage
6 Women's Softball Competition1974-07-18Image/StillImage
7 Women's Softball Competition1974-07-18Image/StillImage
8 Saddle Give Away at Dance1974-07-04Image/StillImage
9 First Place Winning 50th Edition Yearbook1974-07-04Image/StillImage
10 Spaulding and Ratzler Caught German Brown Trout1974-07-25Image/StillImage
11 Forest Fire in Squaw Basin of the High Uintahs1974-07-04Image/StillImage
12 Squaw Basin Forest Fire Supply Haul1974-07-11Image/StillImage
13 Les Merrill Behunin Displays Latest Album1974-07-25Image/StillImage
14 Dean Pope Stereo Set Winner1974-07-18Image/StillImage
15 Natural History State Museum1974-07-25Image/StillImage
16 Rodeo Clown to be at Sunset Sporting Center1974-07-04Image/StillImage
17 Women's Softball Competition1974-07-18Image/StillImage
18 All Stars Bronco Red League1974-07-18Image/StillImage
19 Tysman Carborundum Rock Saw1974-07-18Image/StillImage
20 Tysman Carborundum Rock Saw1974-07-11Image/StillImage
21 Guillotine Rock Cutter1974-07-18Image/StillImage
22 Sage Grouse Survey with Youth Conservation Corps1974-07-18Image/StillImage
23 Bronco League Blue League All Stars1974-07-18Image/StillImage
24 4-H Representatives at Birth Defects Convention1974-07-04Image/StillImage
25 Ann Rasmussen and Michael D. Stewart Engaged1974-07-04Image/StillImage
1 - 25 of 2,888