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1 A few words in the Shoshone or snak dialect]/[collected by Dimick Huntington1853Text
2 Vocabulary of Utah and teh Sho-sho-ne or Snake dialects, with Indian legends and traditions: including a brief account of the life and death of Wah-ker, the Indian land pirate/by D.B. Huntington, Indian interpreter1872Text
3 Uncut vocabulary sheets1853Text
4 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1854Text
5 Vocabulary of the Shoshone Language/by George W. Hill.1877Text
6 A vocabulary of the Snake or Shoshone dialect/by Joseph A. Gebow, interpreter1859Text
7 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1853Text
8 The Southern Utes A Tribal History1972Text
9 History of the Northern Ute People, A1982Text
10 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian Junior High Curriculum Guide - The Goshutes2009Text
11 Letter to Charles L. Davis, Supvervisor in Charge of Uintah and Ouray Agency, dated January 13, 19121912-02-23Text
12 Status of ceded land within U&O1912-07-25Text
13 Ta-vu has fight with the sun1878Text
14 Early western travels, 1748-18461906Image/StillImage
15 Letter to Jacob Forney, Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah from Peter Boyce, Indian Farm Agent, Corn Creek, Utah Territory dated 20 March 18591859-03-20Text
16 Superintendency Voucher dated 1866Image/StillImage
17 Southern Ute Lands, 1848-1899; The Creation of a Reservation, March 19721972Text
18 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian Elementary Curriculum Guide - The Art & Technology of Utah's Five Unique Indian Cultures2009Text
19 We Shall Remain: Utah Indian High School Curriculum Guide - The Navajos2009Text
20 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs - 1900 (Pt I)1900Text
21 Bulletin of the Geological and Geographical Survey of The Territories, Volume II1876Text
22 Letter from John Steel to Geo. A. Smith dated January 22, 18661866-01-22Text
23 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Journal History dated October 23, 18661866-10-23Text
24 Letter to Superintendent Indian Affairs, Utah territory from Office of Indian Affairs, Washington D.C. dated 31 May 18701870-05-31Image/StillImage
25 St. Christopher's Newsletter dated Fall 19651965Text
1 - 25 of 3,057